15 – Memories

You follow the other two Sidereals on your way to see Owl.   You are excited.   They haven’t once mentioned that you need to run home and that…

“You sure we should be bringing the kid into this?”  Wahanton asks.   Well, so much for that.

“He has about as much experience being a Sidereal as you have, Wahanton,” Sasha retorts.

“Yes…but I have much more life experience than he does.”

“Wait, how long have you been a Sidereal?”  you ask Wahanton.

“About five months.  I only got here two months ago.  But I have seen five decades.  “  Wahanton smiles.  “You are an early bloomer.  I am a late bloomer.”

Five months seems to be a longer than your single month as a Sidereal.  But you have noticed that people’s idea of time gets skewed in Yu-Shan.

“You grew up in Creation.   That is why you don’t speak Spirit Speech.”  You realize.

“I grew up floating on Golden Leaf Canal.  I was born in my parent’s river boat.   I learned to swim before I could walk.    As a young man, I heard about the West and its endless seas.   I wanted to go see them for myself.  So I packed up my things and headed west.   It was there I met my wife.   “

“But the endless seas weren’t enough.  I had heard about the great ice ships of the north.   So I packed up my wife and my things and headed north.  Not only did I find the great ships of ice, but those that can sail on the air.   It was wonderful. “

“One day, my wife told me she was cold and wanted to move to some place warmer.   A wise man listens when his wife says such things, especially when she is carrying your child.  So we moved back to the rivers of my youth.  Our children played on the shores of the Silver River. “

“For a time I was content, but soon my feet got itchy again.   I wanted to travel again.  My wife was agreeable, as she and my mother did not get along well.  So we headed south, to the shores of the Inland Sea.   There we started a business ferrying goods to the Blessed Isle and back. ”

“It had been years since my wife had seen her family, so we headed back West.  We weren’t going to stay long.  Just a visit.”  His yellow eyes go distant as he reminisces.   “Our fleet got lost in an unmapped Wyld Zone.  I managed to navigate our way through it.   We lost a few boats along the way, but most of the fleet survived. When we reached Western Islands….  My family didn’t recognize me.   I was a stranger to them.”

“I wandered for a few months, then Elder Akachi found me.   Told me what I was and what we did.   Smooth talking bastard.  If I knew what I know now, I would not have followed him.”

“Do you really regret coming to Yu-Shan that much?” Sasha wonders.

Wahnton thinks for a moment.  “Some days? Yes.   But in the end, I would have still come.   The rest of you having been hiding in this beautiful city of gods for far too long.  You say that you are protecting the common man, but you have no idea how we live.  Mortal lives are just a matter of numbers to you.   “

“Do you miss your wife?” you ask. “And your kids?”  Does every Sidereal have to leave their family behind?

“All the time.  But that part of my life is now behind me.  It would be selfish of me to go back.   My wife needs more than a ghost for a husband.   We must go our separate ways.   “

Your group is silent as they enter the building and head towards the classroom.

“This isn’t a normal school, is it?   I don’t see any other classrooms.”  Wanahton notes.

“No.  Most Yu-Shan children are tutored by their parents or, in the case of young Sidereals, hired instructors, like Keeper.  After I exalted, Elder Akachi thought Svante needed more interaction with children his own age.  So he asked Keeper to teach a full class of students.  “

“Ah…  So a fake school.   “   Wanahton sounds disapproving, but doesn’t comment anymore on the school.  You never really thought about what a school would be like in Creation.   You make a mental note to ask Wanahton later.

You come upon the Owl just about to reenter the classroom after lunch.  He looks a bit ragged after the morning he’s had.   He stares down at Sasha, feathers ruffled.  “Bringing the boy back from your little field trip?  You could have asked me to take him instead driving the class into madness to distract me.  I know cursed astrology when I see it.  I expected better of you, Sasha.”

Meekly, Sasha says, “It was Elder Kejak’s idea.”

“Of course it was Kejak’s idea,” the Owl mumbles to himself.  “That man never does things in a straightforward matter.   Well,” the Owl continues in a normal tone of voice.  “Might as well keep him for the rest of the day.  I’m about to send this lot home.  Have their parents deal with them. “   He takes a closer look at the three of you.  “Unless there is something you need…”
“Someone kidnapped Nanny,” you reveal.   “Someone named Trailing Sorrows.”

The Owl goes still for a moment and then opens the classroom door.   “Out!  Go home!   And I expect a five page paper on the Four Virtues on my desk form each of you tomorrow!  No exceptions.  No excuses.  If I don’t get it, I’ll flunk the lot of you!”    You watch the students file out of the classroom in various states of dishevelment and injury.

In the now empty classroom, Sasha explains the story to Owl.   Owl, tapping the ransom note in his hand, asks you, “You have been remembering Rikali’s memories?”

You shrug.  “Only dreams every once in a while.  Sometimes I know things I couldn’t know, like with Trailing Sorrows.”

Owl turns away and starts pacing in front of the chalkboard.   He is clearly distressed by the whole situation.

“Am I missing something here?” Wanahton looks to Sasha, who shrugs.

“Rikali and Owl were…. Together.”  You explain.

“….Together.” Sasha repeats.  She pales when she realizes what this means and puts her face in her hands.

“That is awkward.” Wanahton states.  “You haven’t had any memories…”

“No!” you yell.   To be honest, you never really considered that possibility before.

“I asked Lytec what memories he left on Svante’s Exaltation last week, but he just laughed and walked away.”   The owl stops pacing and comes to you.  “Svante, if you ever have any… awkward memories…”

“Come talk to you?”  That would probably be the last thing you wanted to do.

“No!  Of course not!  Go to Akachi.   He’s a chosen of Venus, so he’d be the best one to explain… anything you might see.  It is bad enough I have to shepherd a child’s intellectual growth.  I rather not deal with the messy emotional development. “  He starts pacing again.  “I should have never let Akachi talk me into tutoring you lot.”

“Smooth talking bastard, Elder Akachi is.”   Wanahton agrees.

You desperately change the subject.   “Why did Trailing Sorrows take Nanny?  What does she want with me?  Is this about the Scroll?”

“The Scroll?  No, it can’t be about the scroll.    No one except me knows that Rikali took it.”

Sasha speaks up, “Keeper, if you and Rikali were…Together, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out who you gave the scroll to.”

“Yes, but Rikali was a Sidereal.  And Trailing Sorrows is still affected by Arcane Fate.   There is no way she could connect Svante to Rikali to the scroll.   “

“Unless someone told her.  Maybe someone in the Bureau of Destiny is feeding her information.” Wanahton pulls out his pipe to light it again.  The Owl gives him a dirty look and Wanahton puts the pipe away.

“What is in the scroll anyways?  Why is it so important?” you ask Owl.

“This has nothing to do with that scroll!   Rikali was a Chosen of Secrets.  She was the keeper of many secrets, even from me.  It could be a thousand other things,”  Owl explains.

“You still didn’t answer my question!” you yell at Owl, frustrated at receiving yet another half answer.   “You just talked around it.  No one tells me anything!  How can I be a Chosen of Secrets if no one ever trusts me with any secrets?!”

“There are some things you are not yet ready…”

“You have to wait until you’re older.  I wouldn’t rush though childhood, Svante. “  You switch from imitating Akachi’s deep voice to the Owl’s high tenor.  “There are some things you aren’t yet ready to learn.  Everyone keeps holding me back and I am fucking sick of it.  I want to do…something!”

“Why would I think the Enlightenment of Exaltation change your essential nature?   You are still the impatient little brat you always were.   “ Owl snaps back.

“Hey!  This isn’t getting us any closer to finding Nanny!”  Sasha interrupts.   She turns to Owl.  “Where would Trailing Sorrows be hiding her?”

Owl calms himself down and thinks for a moment.   “She would want us to find her, as we would need to exchange the boy for Nanny.”   He goes to his desk and lock on the side drawer pops open at his touch.  He digs around for a moment and pulls out a brush.   He swipes the brush back and forth across the entire note.  An address appears near the bottom.

“That is not in a good part of Yu-Shan, “ Sasha states.

“Why would the goddess hide the address like that?” Wahanton asks.

“Why wouldn’t you conceal important information?” Owl is confused by Messanger’s question.

Wahanton rolls his eyes and mumbles something about gods.  “If that is bad part of town, we should find somewhere safe to put the boy.”

“No!  I’m coming with you!” you protest.

“We need to bring Svante with us.  He might remember something else from Rikali’s memories and….” The Owl sighs.  “He would just follow us in any case.”

“Just two guards?  This seems too easy”, Wahanton whispers, as they observe the building.   The guards milling outside the front door of the tower.

“How is this too easy?  We haven’t even gotten in yet!” Sasha replies

“We need a plan.  You have a plan for getting in and getting Nanny out, correct?” Owl says.   There is silent from the other two Sidereals.

What do you do?

  • Try to find a hidden way into the building
  • Take out the guards.
  • Pretend that you are here to drop you off and talk your way into the building
  • Other

OOC:  That is the longest one yet!   And that, my friends, is as far we are going to go into dealing with the Awkward Past Life memories.   Just far enough to make some jokes, but not far enough to become… too disturbing.

11 – The Inky Haired Girl

You duck down as the nasty glob sails over you and hits the girl in front of you. The girl plucks the spitball out of her inky black hair with a look of distaste. Then she turns around and looks at you. Before you exaltation this girl would barely register your existence. Now she is looking directly at you. Who threw it, she mouths. You shrug and point your thumb behind you. She sits up taller in her desk to look behind you. Her inky black hair swishes as she sits back down in her desk.

You hear the sound of a page being torn out of her notebook. Looking over her shoulder, you try to see what she is doing. With precision movements, she intricately folds a note she has written. Then she passes you her handiwork. You begin to open it, but she puts her hand on yours to stop you. She nods behind you. You pass the note back to the student behind you, who then passes it along.

A few minutes later, one of the students yelps. You turn around and see that the note has unfolded itself into a crane and is now attacking your least favorite person, the bully. The bully’s straw is discarded as he tries to fend off the crane’s attacks. Bloody paper cuts appear on his arm. The girl has a sinister smile on her face as she watches her crane do its work.

The owl breaks through the crowd of students and catches the crane and crushes it with one hand. He takes the girl aside to talk to her. She is appropriately contrite to the owl. The owl standing behind her, she then goes to the bully and apologizes. On her way back to her seat, she winks at you. You are unsure how you feel about this girl. The trick with the crane was cool but she kind of creeps you out.

Just before lunch, an older girl with violet eyes walks into class. She meets your eyes and smiles at you. Annoyed with the girl, the Owl walks her out of the classroom. As soon as the door clicks shut, everyone gets out of their seats and puts their ear at the door. You try to make room for yourself, but you are once again shoved out of the way. Apparently, some things never change. You consider going for the air ducts, but the door opens and the Owl calls the name of your Resplendent Destiny. You walk outside of the classroom.

The girl with violet eyes is waiting for you. The owl positions himself behind you. “I’d like to talk to him alone,” the girl says. There is shouting coming from the classroom. The owl sighs and heads back in to see what trouble the other students are getting into.

She smirks. “It’s amazing what a little Astrology can accomplish. The class is going to drive him nuts all day. Come on. Let’s go.” She leads you to an empty class room and opens a window. “How about we blow this joint and go meet the Five Score Fellowship?”

What do you do?

  • Leave with the Girl with violet eyes and go meet some Sidereals
  • Leave with the Girl with violet eyes and sneak away to go see Nanny
  • Go back to class. Creepy girl looked kind of sad that you were leaving.
  • Other

OCC: I hope I’m not making the other students seem psychotic.

It’s a single floor building.

This is how I am house ruling arcane fate at exaltation. When a Sidereal first exalts, there is no rolling for Arcane Fate. Your destiny and history is wiped clean. Only those who are immune would have a chance to remember you.

Akachi has not let you visit Nanny yet. He says it would be too painful for you. You haven’t had a chance to sneak away because you’ve been hurt or too busy learning to be a Sidereal.

Girl with violet eyes is not creepy. She seems to be the cheerful type.

Akachi explained about Arcane Fate and told you that there is no way Nanny would remember you. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to see Nanny even if she doesn’t remember you or maybe want to see for your own eyes if it is true. It’s all up to you guys want he wants.

When you ask about how he can have people remember him, he explains about Resplendent Destinies and walks you though creating your own.

You recovered pretty quickly from your Physical Injures. It took you a month to recover from the shock of Exaltation, losing Nanny, etc. ((Svante might not be fully recovered yet. But he is at the point where he is ready to deal with things again. And he is an exalt, so I figured Svante is more resilient than most kids. ))

((Figuring out how long between the first and second chapter was difficult to be honest. I wanted the time gap to be long enough so Svante can deal with things, but not too long to where he would have already met the other Sidereals.))

((Also, I am going to slow down the pace of updates to give people more time to respond. We are past Svante’s Exaltation, which was the big event I wanted to get to quickly. So Hero (Quest) will be updating Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.))

10 – Spitballs

The handrails of the staircase are smooth under your long, elegant fingers.   There is something odd about the railing.   They are lower than you are used to. The musky smell of leather and the flowery smell of paper compete for dominance in the air.    You do not recognize the library, but you have the feeling that you have been coming here your whole life.   You pass by a shelf of books and head to a locked glass cabinet filled with scrolls.  The Owl is there staring at one scroll in particular.

“Have you made your decision yet, Owl?”  You ask him.  Your voice is odd.  Still high pitched, but …. different.

“Yes,” the Owl replies, “though I keep changing it every five minutes.”    You walk over to the god and embrace him from behind, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“She will leave you alone if the scroll leaves your domain,” you tell him.    The Owl pulls away and paces towards one of the shelves of books and back towards the cabinet again.
“I’ll find a place to keep the scroll safe and hidden,” you assure him.

“I know.”  Quickly, as if before he changes his mind again, he touches the lock on the cabinet.  It clicks open.  He removes the scroll from the cabinet and reluctantly holds it out to you.   You take the scroll with your unfamiliar hand.  He shudders as the scroll leaves his domain.   You put the scroll in your bag.

“Be careful.   I can’t lose you,” the Owl whispers.   You put your hand on his feathered cheek.   He reaches up and grips your hand in his own.

“I’ll return to you.  I promise.”

With a gasp you wake up.  Disoriented, you look around.  You are in a large bedroom in Akachi’s downtown manse.   You shake your head, trying to dispel the remains of that very bizarre dream from your mind.  You reposition your pillows and try to go back to sleep.

“I can’t believe you are sending me back to school,” you tell Akachi the next morning as he walks you to school.   “Don’t I need more time to…rest up and stuff.  I’ve been through a life changing experience.”

“It’s been over a month since your exaltation.   You have healed physically and are back to your energetic self.  Routine will help you more than sitting around the manse.  Also, you need to learn to get along with children your own age. ”  You make a face and continue walking down the streets of downtown Yu-Shan.

“Isn’t there more important stuff for me to do?  You said Sidereals are all overworked.  I can help!”

Akachi snickers.  “Then you are the only Sidereal that actually wants to do their job.  But no need to rush though childhood, Svante.  You’ll have thousands of years to file expense reports.”
You notice two woman in a café, staring at you and Akachi.  When you return their stare, they look away and pretend you don’t exist.

“Why are those people staring at us?”

“Who?”  Akachi looks over at the café and the two women pointedly not looking your way.   “Oh.  Those are other Sidereals.  I’ll have to introduce you to the rabble eventually.  They are quiet curious about you.”  You wave at them and the two Sidereals enthusiastically wave back.   “Let’s keep moving shall we?”   Akachi guides you away from the café.

Akachi stops just outside the classroom door.   “Now what did I tell you this morning?”

“No charms.  No fighting.  Don’t tell anyone about being in class before or being a Sidereal. “

“And what else?”

You sigh.  “Be good and listen to the Owl.”

Akachi hands you your book bag.   “Keeper will drop you off at my office after school.  Maybe I will take you up on your offer to help with the paperwork, since you are so eager.”

“Hey!  I’m not going to school and help you with your paperwork!” you yell down the hallway as Akachi walks away.

You enter the classroom.   You go immediately to your desk, but the Owl calls you to the front of the room.   As the owl introduces you the class, you squirm under your Resplendent Destiny.   You feel the Key push at you, trying to adjust the way you act.   You ignore it and head back to your desk.

The Owl begins class.  He is teaching Skytongue.  You are a few lessons behind, but you can fill in the gaps rather easily.  You hate not being able to understand what someone is saying, so you try to pay attention.   What if you miss overhearing a secret just because you can’t understand them?

Anyways, you are a Sidereal now.  Chosen by Jupiter herself.  All of your past misbehaviors have been forgotten.  It’s time to put childish pursuits…..

You hear someone launching a spit ball in your direction.

What do you do?

  • Raise your hand and tell the Owl someone is attacking you with spit balls…Yeah….Like you are going to do that!
  • Block the nasty thing with a notebook and ignore it.  You are the chosen of Jupiter. Spitballs are beneath your notice.
  • Block the nasty thing and make your own spit ball.  You have been attacked.  This means WAR!
  • Duck and let it hit the person a row over. Play dumb when they look at you.
  • Other

OCC – Ah, school and the asshole God-blooded children return!   I hope the transition between the serious dream and the school scene isn’t too jarring.

Also, I forgot to give Caladon a gold star for suggesting Avoiding the Truth Technique at the end of Chapter one.   So here it is!

This Resplendent Destiny is called Kamon. Kamon is the god blooded child of someone that works in the Bureau of Destiny.

((This question I can answer. Svante had to create his own Resplendent Destiny as Sidereals can’t use Astrology on other Sidereals. But Akachi sort of walked him though the process. It’s a pretty flimsy RD. It will only last a year, unless he burns it up though Anima Banner Flaring.

And he can take it off and put it on at will.))

03 – Bathroom

You stay very still in your hiding place, frozen in terror. Your heart pounds so loudly in your chest that you wouldn’t be surprised if they can hear it in the hallway. You try to think of a way out of your situation. Creation. You have to head towards the Gates in the Downtown Plaza. You have to get out of Yu-Shan and head to Creation.

“Svante?” the stranger calls. When you hear his voice this time, you realize suddenly that this man isn’t a stranger at all. It is one of your tutors, Akachi. You hear the sound of someone pulling a chair towards the wall. They know you are in the air ducts! You crawl away from Akachi and the Owl and towards the outside.

No, boy. You hear the Owl’s voice in your head. Head back towards the bathroom. Stay out of reach when you near the vent. Having no other real choice, you awkwardly begin to turn to head towards the bathroom, when the vent grate squeaks. Akachi pops his head into the vent.

“Maidens, how can you still fit in here?” Akachi takes a moment to untangle one of his dreadlocks that had got caught on the hinge of the vent. “Svante, let’s get out of here. We are going on a little trip. Won’t that be fun?” You stop at the sound of his voice. You like Akachi. Out of all of your teachers, he is your favorite. You remember that one time that you went swimming with dolphins in the Western Sea. You remember his showing you the great trees of the East. Other memories of all the fun times you had with Akachi flood your mind.

Be strong, boy, the owl says in your head. Turning away from Akachi was one of the most difficult things you have ever done. You begin to head back towards the bathroom.

Good. Lead him to the bathroom. I’ll take care of the rest.

“Svante! Where are you going?”

“He’s heading towards the bathroom! We can catch him there!” the Owl proclaims.

When you near the bathroom vent, you stop just out of arm’s reach. Your will wavers. Why would Akachi do anything to hurt you? He doesn’t seem to be the type to drag you out into the Wyld.

“Ah, he stopping. Svante, why don’t you come out of the vents and we can talk.” Akachi walks into the bathroom and then the bathroom door slams shut.

“Keeper? What are you doing!?” You hear the bathroom door handle jiggle.

“Svante, come out though the vent in the classroom,” The owl instructs you calmly. You cautiously open the vent and find the owl waiting for you. Your classmates stare at you in shock. You are very confused about what just happened.

The owl smoothes out his feathers and explains. “I am the Keeper of the Locks, god of all that has been locked away. And Akachi’s very existence is a rather large secret that is now locked away in the bathroom. “

“What? Keeper, let me out of here!” Akachi begins to bang on the door.

You are still very confused. Why is the Owl helping you?

The owl sighs and says “You’ll understand when you are older. Though that moment of clarity might be coming sooner than you think.”

“I’ll tell Nara-O…” Akachi threatens.

“Go ahead and tell Nara-O. I’d sure he would be greatly entertained by the story of how four thousand year old Exalt managed to get himself locked into a bathroom.”

Akachi begins to kick the bathroom door down. Both you and the owl jump, as the door slams against its frame. “I always forget how strong he is,” the owl mumbles.

“Now go, boy! I can’t hold him here for long,” the owl says, as the door slams again. You gather up your book bag and begin to head out of the classroom. Your classmates are whispering again about you, but you ignore them.

“Keeper! You are really straining the bonds of our friendship right now.”

“Oh, hush you! I’m not going to keep you in there for long. Though you haven’t paid me back the Ambrosia you owe me yet…” The owl sits back down at his desk. “Now, where were we, class? Oh yes, the Order-Conferring Trade Pattern….”

It is dark out now. Luna has raised high in the sky and lights up the streets of downtown Yu-Shan. You head towards the plaza where the Gates of the Blessed Isle are located. As usual, three Celestial Lions are guarding each of the gates.

You’ll need to find a way past them to enter.


What do you do?

  • Wait for a large group to show up and sneak in with them
  • Try to casually walk by the lions and bluff your way through the gate.
  • Cause a distraction and sneak by while the lions are busy.
  • Maybe Svante has a better idea?


Svante wins! Our boy is from the north! As you can tell, I’ll be using the other names chosen for NPCs.

You feel impatient to be on your way. Though it is night in Yu-Shan, you know that the Games of Divinity control what satellites light up the sky rather than the time of day. It is currently early afternoon in Creation. There is a lot of traffic going in and out of the Gates. Mostly groups of one or two gods, but there are traders with goods going in and out of Yu-Shan.

OOC: I had some doubts about the last scene actually. I thought about changing the Exalt’s age, but I decided to go with my original plan for the NPC and see what happens. I already had in the back of my mind that Akachi and the Owl had a pretty good friendship. If it was a fair fight, the Owl would have lost. However, the Owl is not without a bit of power himself, so he was able to take advantage of Akachi’s trust and lock him in the bathroom. Also, I think it would be rather dull for a four thousand year old exalt to be infallible. I just hope I didn’t make Akachi seem too incompetent.

02 – Air Ducts

While your classmates are eavesdropping at the door, you know a better place to go to hear what is going on. You slip away to the small bathroom in the back of the classroom. Climbing up onto the sink you open the grate that leads to the building ventilation ducts. You hoist yourself up into the duct and awkwardly close the swinging grate behind you.

It’s a tight fit. You were always small for your age, but you have grown a few inches in the past months, finally hitting your growth spurt. As you crawl through the air ducts, you unhappily realize that soon you will be too big to eavesdrop from the air ducts.

You do not have to crawl for long before you hear the voices of your teacher and a stranger.

“…dragging him though the Wyld in the wake of a violent rebellion” says the stranger.

Teacher replies, “I still do not like this. The boy is too young…” You wonder which boy they are going to be dragging though the Wyld. You hope that it is that asshole bully that pushed you out of the way.

“Are you questioning the will of the Maidens?” the stranger asks. In the silence that follows the stranger’s words you can hear your teacher ruffle his feathers.

“I’ll get the boy for you.” You hear footsteps as the owl walks back towards the classroom. The stranger says nothing as he waits for the teacher to return. Suddenly you hear the door slam and footsteps running back.

“He’s gone! None of the other students know where he went!” the owl says. You have a sudden realization that you are the one that they are going to be dragging though the Wyld!


What do you do now?

  • Continue heading towards the abandoned building. It would make a good hiding place.
  • Go home to Nanny. Nanny won’t let anything happen to you.
  • Head for the nearest Gate to the Blessed Isle and get out of Yu Shan.
  • Stowaway on an airship headed towards the edges of Yu-Shan and take one of the Gates to the Threshold.
  • Other

Extra Credit! You are sick of everyone calling you “Boy”. You have a name, they should use it. What’s your name?

  • Akachi, a name common in the deserts of the Southern name meaning “Hand of God”
  • Wakato , a name common on both the Blessed Isle and the River Provinces meaning “Young”
  • Kamon , a name common in the Islands of the West meaning “heart and mind”
  • Svante , a name common in the Icy Tundras of the North, meaning “Sacred”
  • Quidel , a name common in the Jungles of the East, meaning “Burning Torch”
  • None of those are my name! My name is….

OOC: I tried to give you better choices this time. Also, if your option isn’t winning, still speak up! The second most chosen option might still come in play!

You are pretty well traveled compared to the rest of your classmates. While most of them don’t like to visit Creation because it’s “Dirty” you have visited the many important cities and sights throughout both the Blessed Isle and the Threshold. As you are living in Downtown Yu-Shan, you are most familiar with the Blessed Isle.

There are Celestial Lions at all of the Gates, but as a citizen of Yu-Shan, you can pretty much come and go as you please. Though you have never traveled though the gate without an adult.

01 – History Class

You are surrounded.

Around you are the enemies of creation. Fair Folk, twisted by the Wyld. Barbaric Lunars, heart’s blood running down their faces. Their Armies of undead ghosts behind them. A lesser man would flee in terror in front of such a host of enemies.

You just smile and draw your katana.

The ghostly army charges. You easily cut down any that dare approach you. With the instinct of a seasoned warrior you turn and see the Lunar behind you. His caste sign is shining on his forehead.

“Come at me, bro,” you say. The lunar roars and charges….


You jerk awake. For a moment, you are confused about where you are. You look around and realize that you are in History Class.

“You fell asleep again, boy. “ Your teacher towers over you, his feathers ruffled. Your classmates, the various god blooded children who live in Downtown Yu-Shan, giggle and whisper about you.

The owl god picks up the book he dropped on the floor by your desk. “Now that everyone is awake, let us continue our discussion on Shogun…”

There is a knock at the door. “What now?” The owl goes to answer, annoyed at the interruption. “Excuse me for a moment, children. Open your books to page 345 and read the section on Order-Conferring Trade Pattern and its influence on Shogunate Policies today.” The teacher leaves the room and closes the door behind him.

As soon as the door is shut, everyone jumps out of their seats and goes to listen at the door. You try to get close enough to hear, but can’t make much out. Something about “Maidens” and “Miscalculation of” Something Something “Exaltation”.

You don’t get to hear anything else as you get push further away from the door by a stronger god blooded child. “Move out of the way, Mortal.” Pissed, you step away from your asshole classmates.

You stand there for a moment, feeling like an idiot and then realize that this is your chance to make your escape. Yes, you’ll get in trouble, but that has never stopped you before.

Where do you go?

  • Be a good boy and wait for your teacher to return…. Ha! Like that is going to happen!
  • The open air market near the Gate of the Imperial City. You loved watching the coming and going from Blessed Isle.
  • This awesome abandon building you found in the Slums. It has all sort of neat stuff to practice your martial arts moves on.
  • Head for the air duct and see if you can listen in on the adults. No one tells you anything, so you have to find out for yourself.
  • Other


I’m jumping on the bandwagon and starting my own quest thread! This is a concept I’ve been wanting to play around with, but I doubt it will fit in any game. Instead I figured it would make a fun Quest plot line.

Also, feel free to ask any questions and I’ll answer from the point of view of the character.

(You have always lived in Yu-Shan. As for family, you are being raised by a Goddess whom you call “Nanny”. She is the Goddess of Troublesome Children with Good Hearts who takes the form of a Anthromorphic Nanny Goat. She works for the Bureau of Humanity but is on loan to the Bureau of Destiny. For a twelve year old boy, you know a lot about the workings of the Celestial Bureaucracy.

When you ask about your family, she tells you a different story each time. Once your parents might be smugglers who died a horrible death at sea. Another time, you mother was a heroic dragonblood who died saving her brotherhood from anathema. All stories end with the death of your parents and each story ends with her saying “Aren’t I family enough for you?” Tears fill her goat eyes and you feel bad. Usually you go bring her a bouquet of Morning Glories to make her feel better. She likes the taste of those best.