10 – Spitballs

The handrails of the staircase are smooth under your long, elegant fingers.   There is something odd about the railing.   They are lower than you are used to. The musky smell of leather and the flowery smell of paper compete for dominance in the air.    You do not recognize the library, but you have the feeling that you have been coming here your whole life.   You pass by a shelf of books and head to a locked glass cabinet filled with scrolls.  The Owl is there staring at one scroll in particular.

“Have you made your decision yet, Owl?”  You ask him.  Your voice is odd.  Still high pitched, but …. different.

“Yes,” the Owl replies, “though I keep changing it every five minutes.”    You walk over to the god and embrace him from behind, resting your chin on his shoulder.

“She will leave you alone if the scroll leaves your domain,” you tell him.    The Owl pulls away and paces towards one of the shelves of books and back towards the cabinet again.
“I’ll find a place to keep the scroll safe and hidden,” you assure him.

“I know.”  Quickly, as if before he changes his mind again, he touches the lock on the cabinet.  It clicks open.  He removes the scroll from the cabinet and reluctantly holds it out to you.   You take the scroll with your unfamiliar hand.  He shudders as the scroll leaves his domain.   You put the scroll in your bag.

“Be careful.   I can’t lose you,” the Owl whispers.   You put your hand on his feathered cheek.   He reaches up and grips your hand in his own.

“I’ll return to you.  I promise.”

With a gasp you wake up.  Disoriented, you look around.  You are in a large bedroom in Akachi’s downtown manse.   You shake your head, trying to dispel the remains of that very bizarre dream from your mind.  You reposition your pillows and try to go back to sleep.

“I can’t believe you are sending me back to school,” you tell Akachi the next morning as he walks you to school.   “Don’t I need more time to…rest up and stuff.  I’ve been through a life changing experience.”

“It’s been over a month since your exaltation.   You have healed physically and are back to your energetic self.  Routine will help you more than sitting around the manse.  Also, you need to learn to get along with children your own age. ”  You make a face and continue walking down the streets of downtown Yu-Shan.

“Isn’t there more important stuff for me to do?  You said Sidereals are all overworked.  I can help!”

Akachi snickers.  “Then you are the only Sidereal that actually wants to do their job.  But no need to rush though childhood, Svante.  You’ll have thousands of years to file expense reports.”
You notice two woman in a café, staring at you and Akachi.  When you return their stare, they look away and pretend you don’t exist.

“Why are those people staring at us?”

“Who?”  Akachi looks over at the café and the two women pointedly not looking your way.   “Oh.  Those are other Sidereals.  I’ll have to introduce you to the rabble eventually.  They are quiet curious about you.”  You wave at them and the two Sidereals enthusiastically wave back.   “Let’s keep moving shall we?”   Akachi guides you away from the café.

Akachi stops just outside the classroom door.   “Now what did I tell you this morning?”

“No charms.  No fighting.  Don’t tell anyone about being in class before or being a Sidereal. “

“And what else?”

You sigh.  “Be good and listen to the Owl.”

Akachi hands you your book bag.   “Keeper will drop you off at my office after school.  Maybe I will take you up on your offer to help with the paperwork, since you are so eager.”

“Hey!  I’m not going to school and help you with your paperwork!” you yell down the hallway as Akachi walks away.

You enter the classroom.   You go immediately to your desk, but the Owl calls you to the front of the room.   As the owl introduces you the class, you squirm under your Resplendent Destiny.   You feel the Key push at you, trying to adjust the way you act.   You ignore it and head back to your desk.

The Owl begins class.  He is teaching Skytongue.  You are a few lessons behind, but you can fill in the gaps rather easily.  You hate not being able to understand what someone is saying, so you try to pay attention.   What if you miss overhearing a secret just because you can’t understand them?

Anyways, you are a Sidereal now.  Chosen by Jupiter herself.  All of your past misbehaviors have been forgotten.  It’s time to put childish pursuits…..

You hear someone launching a spit ball in your direction.

What do you do?

  • Raise your hand and tell the Owl someone is attacking you with spit balls…Yeah….Like you are going to do that!
  • Block the nasty thing with a notebook and ignore it.  You are the chosen of Jupiter. Spitballs are beneath your notice.
  • Block the nasty thing and make your own spit ball.  You have been attacked.  This means WAR!
  • Duck and let it hit the person a row over. Play dumb when they look at you.
  • Other

OCC – Ah, school and the asshole God-blooded children return!   I hope the transition between the serious dream and the school scene isn’t too jarring.

Also, I forgot to give Caladon a gold star for suggesting Avoiding the Truth Technique at the end of Chapter one.   So here it is!

This Resplendent Destiny is called Kamon. Kamon is the god blooded child of someone that works in the Bureau of Destiny.

((This question I can answer. Svante had to create his own Resplendent Destiny as Sidereals can’t use Astrology on other Sidereals. But Akachi sort of walked him though the process. It’s a pretty flimsy RD. It will only last a year, unless he burns it up though Anima Banner Flaring.

And he can take it off and put it on at will.))