Masaru’s Character Sheet

Mayim Masaru – Water Aspect

Social Primary, Physical Secondary, Mental Tertiary


Benevolent Master’s Blessing

Confluence of Svante Thought

Geese Flying-South Administration

Bestow the Saffron Mantle

Thrashing Carp Serenade

Testing the Waters

Finding the Water’s Depths

Thoughtful Gift Technique

Distraction of the Babbling Brook

Drowning in Negotiation Style


Scent of the Crime Method

Falsehood Unearthing Attitude

Tampering Detection Technique

Bloodhound’s Nose Technique

Clear Water Prana

Revelation of Associates Hunch

Homeward Trail of Discovery Method


Observer Awareness Method

Trackless Walk Style

Ears of the Snowy Owl

Naked Thief Style

Imposter’s Voice Technique

Window in the Door Technique

Perfect Gambling Prana

Precise Ink Technique

Flood of Victory Prana

Martial Arts (Terrestrial Hero Style)

Blade-Deflecting Palm

Become the Hammer

Disarming Strike Prana

Dragon-Claw Elemental Strike

Martial Arts (Terrestrial Hero Style)

Currents Sweep to Sea

Pounding Surf Style

Flow From Rocks

Terrestrial Hero Form

Riptide Method

Drowning Embrace

Trireme Strikes the Rocks


Hurricane Predicting Glance

Seven Seas Wind-Luring Chanty

Storm-Outrunning Technique

Fine Passage Negotiating Style

Sturdy Bulkhead Concentration

Deck-Striding Technique


Quarry Revelation Technique

Trail-Concealing Measurement

Ration-Enhancing Method

Hostile Environment Preparation Method

Air Shelter Creation Technique

Water Shelter Creation Technique


Sweeten the Tap Method

Jade Defense

Wary Yellow Dog Attitude

Warm-Faced Seduction Style

Friend to All Nations Attitude

Brother against Brother Insinuation


Feeling-the-Air Technique

Soundless Action Prana

Zone of Silence Stance

Distracting Breeze Meditation

Trackless Passage Style

Wind-Walking Technique


Wind-Carried Words Technique


Elemental Bolt Attack