Manga of the Shogunate

Kill Sword Fire 
Submitted by Kazorh

The manga’s name roughly translates to Kill Sword Fire. It is, in fact, simply a bunch of cool-sounding firetongue words put one after the other by someone who obviously doesn’t actually speak firetongue. It’s about a Fire Aspct who fights back against a wicked fire elemental crime lord, his half-human son and his other minions. There’s a constant Will They Won’t They thing between the heroine and the god-blooded son, with him grappling with his own nature as the product of blasphemous congress between a spirit and a human. Unfortunately, Status Quo is God and it never goes anywhere.  The fight scenes, however, are very well drawn.

Adventures of the Immaculate Dragons!
Submitted by WarDragon

Basically a children’s illustrated primer to the Immaculate Texts disguised as a comic book, it dials up the fights with horrible Anathema and demons, while putting a bit less emphasis on heavy spiritual mysteries. The dialog is still far over the target audiences’ heads, being mostly direct quotes from the Texts, The art is beautiful, if a bit stiff and formalized. Opinions are split on whether or not it’s a good way of getting kids religion early, or a horrible, demeaning blasphemy.

Green Blaze
Submitted by Wonderandawe

A hentai comic set in Malfeas, a group of hapless sorcerers must make their way in the demon city and find their way back to creation. This comic was banned on the Blessed Isle and most civilized areas of the Threshold, after its original creator mysterious disappeared. It is known for its shocking adult content, high body count, and unrealistic portrayal of demons. Fans of the comic will say that it has a good storyline despite all the graphic imagery.

Pretty Dragon Princess Meru
Submitted by Kazorh and Erinys

A goofy but good-hearted young girl who loves to pass herself off as a mortal to understand their life. She makes many good memories this way, but her town has (Plot-relevant object/characteristic/whatever), and when the monster of the week inevitably attacks, she must become Pretty Dragon Girl and save the day, without revealing her identity!

She avoids revealing her identity with a stock dramatic transformation scene which flares her anima and, without explanation, changes her wardrobe and gives her strong breeding marks (normally she has none). Her face still looks mostly the same, but no mortal ever realizes that Pretty Dragon Girl is the same person as [name]. Her anima always stays at full size throughout her encounters with monsters of the week, and doesn’t cause anima flux damage when it would inconvenience the plot. When it dies down, it takes her wardrobe and breeding marks with it, and she is once again ordinary mortal [name].

There is a running subplot in which the ambiguously semi-romantic interest, an earnest and pious but poorly-bred and somewhat ineffectual mortal, occasionally comes very close to recognizing Pretty Dragon Girl or unknowingly blowing her identity. Status Quo is God, so their quasi-not-really-romantic situation is never solved and [mortal] never does put 2 and 2 together and pierce her identity, but these “problems” are played for sort-of-tension in many issues.

Maybe a court of rakshas for the monsters of the week… A queen and four generals, with mineral-themed names, who send their minions on zany schemes to harvest emotional energy from the populace…

Bone Hand
Submitted by Kazorh

Bone Hand stars a man whose lover/parent/child/dog/whatever is killed by a demon/god/raksha/elemental/whatever. When the local Immaculates don’t move fast enough for him, he bonds with a cursed gauntlet that provides him with great power and gets his revenge himself, but the hasty, ill-advised fight causes much destruction and death despite the best efforts of the Immaculates. Having karmically screwed himself over by reaching above his station, he flees justice, tormented by the side effects of the gauntlet. The rest of the story involves other people with similar artifacts and finding out about the ancient, long-dead Anathema that created them.

It’s a dark anti-hero tragedy where the corrupt influence of the Anathema, through the arrogant mortals that wield it, ends up self-destructing instead of achieving its goal. The Dragon-Blooded, after all, are the only legitimate heroes in Creation.

Metal Gods
Submitted by Wonderandawe

Metal Gods is the longest running manga in the Shogunate manga industry.   The story focuses on a group of Dragonblooded Mechstrider pilots as they defend Creation from the Fair Folk.  The sacred bond between machine and pilot is a main theme of the manga.   It has gone though many artists over the centuries; each artist has their own set of characters.  The last volume of an artist’s run usually has their characters die in glorious battle and are rewarded by the Immaculate Dragons in the afterlife.