Chiyoko’s Character Sheet

Lung Chiyoko – Fire Aspect

Physical Primary, Social Secondary, Mental Tertiary


Effortlessly Rising Flame

Falling Star Maneuver

Bellow-Pumping Stride

Incense Smoke Ladder


Threshold Warding Stance

Hopping Firecracker Evasion

Virtuous Negation Defense

Safety Among Enemies

Smoldering Karma Strike

Elemental Defense Technique (Fire)


Dragon-Graced Weapon

Blinding Spark Distraction

Ghost-Fire Blade

Refining the Inner Blade

Portentous Comment Deflecting Mode

Threshing Floor Technique

Ringing Anvil Onslaught


Passion Transmuting Nuance

Glowing Coal Radiance

Auspicious First Meeting Attitude

Aura of Invulnerability

Unbearable Taunt Technique

Terrifying Fire Dragon Roar

Warlord’s Convocation

Moth to the Candle


Sweeten the Tap Method

Jade Defense

Wary Yellow Dog Attitude

Warm-Faced Seduction Style

Friend to All Nations Attitude

Brother against Brother Insinuation


Language-Learning Ritual

Thousand Tongues Meditation

Cipher Missive

Craft Icon

Wind-Carried Words Technique

Voices on the Wind

Poisoned Tongue Technique

Voice of Mastery

With one Mind

Speech Without Words


Heaven-Graced Riding Technique

Ebony Spur Technique

Charge of One Hundred Generals

Irresistible Penetrating Charge

Great Heart Companion

Elemental Halo’s Mercy

Dance of the Jade Bridle

Five-Dragon Horseman Prana


Enfolding in the Dragon’s Wings

Tireless Footfalls Cadence

Armor-Hardening Concentration

Phantom-Warrior Horde

Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration

Ramparts of the Obedient Earth


Elemental Bolt Attack