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Minor Characters

Svante Visscher  – You – The Player Character (Character Sheet)
Sidereal – Chosen of Secrets
Caste Abilities – Investigation, Stealth, Lore, Larceny, Occult
Favored Abilities – Linguistics, Martial Arts (Violet Biers of Sorrows), Presence, Dodge
Svante is a twelve year old boy (Thirteen now!)  who grew up in Yu-Shan, the heavenly city of gods.   His interests include day dreaming, martial arts, sneaking around eavesdropping, and not doing his homework.

Mei Mei
Shih-Tzu Puppy
Svante’s Puppy.  She was a birthday gift from Chejop Kejak.


Keeper of Locks – The Owl 
God of All that has been Locked Away
Svante’s History Teacher.  Works for the Bureau of Destiny under Nara-O.   Keeper was very close to Svante’s previous incarnation, Rikali.

Gatherer of Windborne Children  – Nanny
Goddess of Troublesome Children with Good Hearts
A goddess that works for the Bureau of Humanity but is on loan to the Bureau of Destiny to help raise Pre-Exaltation Sidereals.

Various God-Blooded Children of Yu-Shan
They don’t have names yet.  All you need to know that they are assholes.

Maiden of Secrets
One of the Five Maidens of Fate.   She is Svante’s Patron.

Akachi’s Secretary

Elder Kejak’s Receptionist


Rikali  – Your Previous Incarnation
Sidereal – Chosen of Secrets
Caste Abilities – Investigation, Stealth, Lore, Larceny, Occult
Rikali is Svante’s past incarnation.   You don’t remember too much about her yet.

Akachi – The Tall Man – The Stranger – Countless Other Names
Sidereal – Chosen of Serenity
Caste Abilities – Craft, Dodge, Linguistics, Performance, Socialize
Favored Abilities – Presence, Awareness, Martial Arts, Medicine

One of Svante’s Tutors.  He meets with once a week, though he has been known to disappear for months.   Sometimes takes Svante on trips to Creation.

Sasha Marquardt
Sidereal – Chosen of Endings
Caste Abilities – Awareness, Bureaucracy, Integrity, Martial Arts, Medicine
Favored Abilities – Dodge, Performance, Lore, Occult

Svante’s Sister and another Sidereal raised by Nanny.   Svante forgot her when she exalted three years ago at the age of nineteen.

Wanahton Kawa
Sidereal – Chosen of Journeys
Caste Abilities – Resistance, Ride, Sail, Survival, Thrown
Favored Abilities – Athletics, Presence, Integrity, Craft

One of the two Sidereals closest to Svante’s age relatively.   Wanahton is a Eastern River Boat man who exalted in his fifties.

Gens Yeva – the Dragon Star
Sidereal – Chosen of Battles
Caste Abilities – Archery, Athletics, Melee, Presence, War
Favored Abilities – Martial Arts, Socialize,
Svante’s Sifu

Haythem Ajam
Sidereal – Chosen of Secrets
Caste Abilities – Investigation, Stealth, Lore, Larceny, Occult
Wanahton’s Sifu

Ayesha Ura – Canon Character
Sidereal – Chosen of Journeys
Caste Abilities – Resistance, Ride, Sail, Survival, Thrown
A troublemaking Sidereal.

Chejop Kejak – Canon Character
Sidereal – Chosen of Secrets
Caste Abilities – Investigation, Stealth, Lore, Larceny, Occult
An Elder Sidereal


Lung Chiyoko – Character Sheet
Dragonblooded – Fire Aspect
Aspect Abilities – Athletics, Dodge, Melee, Presence, Socialize
Favored Abilities – War, Linguistics, Ride

Hui Aiko – Character Sheet
Dragonblooded – Earth Aspect
Aspect Abilities – Awareness, Craft, Integrity, Resistance, and War
Favored Abilities – Occult, Bureaucracy, Lore

Mayim Masaru – Character Sheet
Dragonblooded – Water Aspect
Aspect Abilities – Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts(Terrestrial Hero Style), Sail
Favored Abilities – Survival, Socialize, Stealth

Chapter One NPCs

God of the Combusting Precipice
High tempered Terrestrial God who was visiting Yu-Shan.   With Svante’s encouragement, he burnt down a tchotchke booth

Gina runs the caravan with her sister, Edita.  While Edita takes care of the books, Gina takes care of the horses.  Both sisters were on the streets for a bit after their parents died and before their aunt found them.   They inherited their aunt’s caravan after she died.

Edita runs the caravan with her sister, Gina.  While Gina takes care of the horses, Edita takes care of the books. Both sisters were on the streets for a bit after their parents died and before their aunt found them.   They inherited their aunt’s caravan after she died.

Chapter Two NPCs

Trailing Sorrows
Goddess without a Domain
Formerly the Goddess of War Widows in the Bureau of Humanity, she had her domain stripped from her.

Inky Haired Girl
One of Svante’s God-blooded classmates.

Chapter Three NPCs

Headmaster Raijin Vantish
Air Aspected Dragonblooded
Headmaster of the School Svante was sent to.

Chuzei Enki Osamu
Earth Aspected Dragonblooded
Chuzei assigned to the Svante’s Circle.

The Tiger
No Moon Lunar – Tiger
Lunar hiding out in Svante’s school.

Chapter Four NPCs

God blooded
Daughter of Keeper of the Locks and Rikali.

Mercenary Worshipers of Trailing Sorrows/Bureau Mole

God of Lost and Forgotten Paperwork
Bureau Mole that works for Division of Endings.

Chapter Five NPCs

Admiral Mayim Takeshi
Dragonblooded – Water Aspect
Aspect Abilities –  Bureaucracy, Investigation, Larceny, Martial Arts, Sail
Favored Abilities –  Presence, Resistance, War
Shogunate Admiral of the Western Seas.  Father of Masaru and Shen.

Captain Mayim Shen
Dragonblooded – Air Aspect
Aspect Abilities –  Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth, Thrown
Favored Abilities –  Integrity, Sail, War
Captain of the Valiant Hummingbird.  Masaru’s older brother.

Storm Mother
Storm Mother harassing Cobalt Atoll

Goddess of the Cobalt Atoll
Goddess who lives in the temple hut on the Cobalt Atoll.  Her preferred offerings are fresh fruit and fish and rum.

Rajarjo and Tri
Svante’s friends on the Cobalt Atoll

Uma – The Desert Fox
No Moon Lunar – Fennec
Caste Attributes – Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Favored Attribute – Wits
Lunar hiding out in the West.

First Mate Teoh Ganesha – Nesha
Dragonblooded – Wood Aspect
Aspect Abilities –  Linguistics, Lore, Occult, Stealth, Thrown
Favored Abilities –  Integrity, Sail, War
First mate of the Valiant Hummingbird.  Captain Shen’s Circlemate.

Our Lady of Wonder-Devouring Delight – The Blue Lady, Our Lady
 Fair Folk Noble – Anarch (Warrior, Shadowed Diplomat)
The Raksha who has been harassing the Mayim Gent for Generations.

The Resigned Roar whose Sword Sings of the Everlasting Evening – Rory
 Fair Folk Noble – Eshu (Entertainer, Shadowed Warrior)
Your “Ally” among the Fair Folk on the Barge.  Oath Child of the Blue Lady and Baelor

The Loathing Commander 
 Fair Folk – Warrior
Rory’s Commanding Officer among the Star Fish Soldiers

Watcher of Many Eyes
Wyld Beast
Gigantic Fox Cat beast covered in many eyes.

The Desert Fox’s Fae Eaten son.

Chapter Six NPCs

Healer and Thamaturgist of Ramshorn Village.  Svante’s Birth Mother.

Svante’s Eighteen year old sister.

Svante’s Sixteen year old brother.

Svante’s Five year old half sister.

Hayashi Gudleifr
Dragonblooded – Wood Aspect
Medic assigned to Ramshorn Garrison.

Captain of the Fire Dragon, fishing boat of the White Sea.  Svante’s Birth Father.

Chapter Seven NPCs

Mail Clerk in Akachi’s office.

Pattern Spider #0A6915
Pattern Spider

Sidereal – Chosen of Serenity

Sidereal – Chosen of Battles

Sidereal – Chosen of Endings

Sidereal – Chosen of Journeys
Elder of the Western Convention

Sidereal – Chosen of Endings
Elder of the Northern Convention

Sidereal – Chosen of Serenity
Elder of the Eastern Convention

Mayim Noboru
Dragonblooded – Water Aspect
One of Masaru’s Water Apsected Brothers. Attends the same school as Masaru.

Teoh Vogu
Dragonblooded – Fire Aspect
Idiotic Prankster

Teoh Arizus
Dragonblooded – Air Aspect
Vogu’s friend. Heading to Sorcery School.

Taika Nadia
Dragonblooded – Earth Aspect
Vogu’s girlfriend.

Root Beard
Field God
God of the Southeast Potato Field in Wong Village. He founded a cult from the children of Wong village

Despair’s Last Gasp
River Goddess
Goddess of Wong River. Before the Usurpation, she was allowed human sacrifice.

Blind Grace
Village Goddess
Goddess of Wong Village. She prefers to keep things simple and not anger the Immaculate Monks

Root Hair
Field Goddess
Goddess of the Southwest Potato Field in Wong Village. She seems to be the smarter of the four potato gods, but not by much.

Lung Duri
Dragonblooded – Wood Aspect
Cousin of Chiyoko and Aiko. Daughter of Lung Hayate.

Lung Sunan
Dragonblooded – Fire Aspect
There is more to this dragonblooded than meets the eye.

Vayu Khalid
Dragonblooded – Air Aspect
Old School friend of Lung Duri

Abioye Ru
Dragonblooded – Water Aspect
Reckless Martial Artist

Taika Shamria
Dragonblooded – Earth Aspect
Doesn’t trust Lung Sunan

Minor NPCs mentioned

Nalani – Wanahton’s Western Wife
Posala – Sidereal Crafter sent to Broken Essence Plant
Gale of Ten Thousand Winds – Solar Twilight Weapons Crafter
Graupel – Gale’s Lunar Mate
Tanith Losa – Earth Aspect whose Wyld Hunt Arrested Wanahton
Elowen – Linnea’s Friend
Hotaka – Sasha’s Previous Incarnation. Elder Sidereal
Erlantz – Akachi’s Wife’s Lunar Mate. Gecko Totem
Mayura – Akachi’s Peacock Destiny’s Name
Auer Pala – Water Apsect who patrols the White Sea