Aiko’s Character Sheet

Aiko – Earth Aspect

Attributes:  Mental Primary, Social Secondary, Physical Tertiary


All-Encompassing Earth Sense

Feeling the Dragon’s Bones

Entombed Mind Technique

Sense-Riding Technique

Sense-Destroying Method


Shaping Hand Style

Stone-Carving Fingers Form

Perfect Climbing Attitude

Flaw-Finding Examination

Charm of Lesser Unmaking


Unsleeping Earth meditation

Untiring Earth Meditation

Oath of Ten-Thousand Dragons

Ten-Thousand Dragons Fight as One

Granite Curtain of Serenity

Inviolate Dragon Spirit

Chaos- Warding Prana


Ox-Body Technique

Strength of Stone Technique

Mountain Toppling Method

Impervious Skin of Stone Meditation

Earth Elemental Protection

Fire Elemental Protection

Uneating Earth Meditation

Unbreathing Earth Meditation


Enfolding in the Dragon’s Wings

Tireless Footfalls Cadence

Armor-Hardening Concentration

Phantom-Warrior Horde

Blazing Courageous Swordsmen Inspiration

Ramparts of the Obedient Earth


Benevolent Master’s Blessing

Confluence of Savant Thought

Geese Flying-South Administration

Bestow the Saffron Mantle

Thrashing Carp Serenade

Testing the Waters

Finding the Water’s Depths

Thoughtful Gift Technique

Distraction of the Babbling Brook

Drowning in Negotiation Style


Elemental Concentration Trance

Eternal Mind Meditation

Elemental Empowerment Meditation

Elemental Succor Method

Elemental Bolt Attack

Elemental Burst Attack


Terrestrial Circle Sorcery

Sprit-Detecting Mirror Technique

Harmonious Wind-Luring Song

Spirit-Grounding Shout

Spirit-Chaining Strike

Spirit-Shredding Attack

Fivefold Resonance Sense

Seeing the Maker’s Hand


Wind-Carried Words Technique

Terrestrial Circle Spells