158 – Closed Doors

The mortal guards pass without noticing you.  You follow behind them.   You stop outside the warded door and wait for all the guards to enter the cell.  Your plan is to lock all the guards in the cell.  You did not want to harm the guards.  You have enough blood on your hands.

Three guards enter the cell and two stand outside to guard.   Shit.  Why couldn’t anything be easy?  The funeral will be starting soon.  You do not have much time.  As the three guards search the cell, you walk up to one of the guards.  “Help them search the cell.  The more eyes the better.” You whisper into his mind.

The guard glances back at the cell.  “Let’s help them.  The more eyes the better.”

“Go with him.” You whisper in the other guard’s ear.

The two guards enter the cell.  “What the fuck are you doing…”  You slam the cell door closed before the guard could finish his sentence.  The guards bang at the door.

You snicker.  Your plan worked.  In a much better mood, you race to catch up with Aiko and Shamira.  Aiko was an idiot.  You could be a hero.  Yet being a hero is more complicated than you thought.  There is more to being a hero than swing your sword against evil.  Akachi and the rest of the elders have done horrible things in the hopes that the end result would be better.  Could you keep true to yourself and what you know is right and still save the day?   Or will be forced to choose between your own morality and the safety of others?

You come to a point where the corridor branches into two different directions.  You choose one at random, hoping the fates will guide you true.   You walk for a long while and realize the fates lead you wrong.  Or did they?  Footsteps and the clang of weapons echo down the passage.   You hide in an alcove outside of fate.

Sasha leads the remains of the Wyld Hunt.   Her expressionless face is pale and smeared with blood.  About half the Dragonblooded who accompanied her did not return.   Sasha is putting forward a brave face in spite of the Hunt’s losses.  You close your eyes at your sister’s pain.   The Elders are using her just like they use you.  How many Sidereals are sacrificed for their unknown goals?

“Sasha?”  You step out of the shadows.     Sujay draws his crossbow and aims at you.  The rest of the Dragonblooded draw their swords.

“Hold!”  Sasha orders.  She steps though the crowd of Dragonblooded.   “Svante?”  She embraces you.  Your sister stinks of blood, sweat, and acid.  Sasha examines you.  “Are you okay?  What are you doing in the passages?”

“I’m fine.”  You look at the blood on her face.  “Are you injured?  Did you get the Chimera?”

“The Anathema is dead.”   One of the Dragonblooded holds up a dripping bag.

“It’s only a scratch.”  Sasha touches a knot on her head and then waves it off.   “What are you doing down here?”  she repeats.

“I’m looking for Aiko.”   You scan the faces of the Dragonblooded to see if Aiko and Shamira are with them.  “Have you seen her?”

“She and the other Earth Aspect were headed to the Funeral.   We are headed that way as well.  Did you want to come with us?”

What do you do?

  • Openly accompany Sasha and the Wyld Hunt to the Funeral
  • Trail Sasha and the Wyld Hunt outside of Fate
  • Catch up to Aiko and Shimara
  • Find out where Elder Kejak is being held.
  • Other