149 – Finding Trouble

You hold the crystal tight in your fist.  Not a flash of light escapes as you hand it to Chiyoko.  You glance back at the shadow.   It cannot be a shadow, you realize.  No shadow can interact with a physical object.  What is this creature?  you ask yourself as the liquid darkness engulfs the cage.  You close your eyes and concentration on the symphony of essence singing around you.  A roaring bonfire of elemental energy empowers Chiyoko.  You tune out her flowing essence and focus on the creature in the corridor.

The shadow’s essence reverberates out of tune with the rest of the essence in the corridor.   This creature is no god, ghost, or spirit.   Whatever it was, the Wyld beyond the edge of Creation has irreversibly tainted it.  Your heart skips a beat when you realize what it is was.

Elder Kejak wanted you to search for hidden Lunars in the Manse.  You doubt he was expecting you find a Chimera.

And the sound was creeping closer.You open your eyes confused.   The threads of fate thrum with violence.  Yet the chimera was still in the corridor with the cage.

A thin fluid tentacle whips out from the wall.  You dodge but the creature is blinding fast.   The tentacle encircles your throat.  Its throbbing end stabs you in the shoulder.  Your throat burns.  You grip at the tentacle to pull it away.   Its skin burns your hands.  You move away but the tentacle in your shoulder pins you to the wall.

Chiyoko draws her sword and slices the tentacle away.  The cut tentacle flaps, spewing both with burning dark blood.   You heave a deep breath and toss the melting tentacle aside.

With a clang, the chimera discards the empty cage.  It flows along the stone walls towards you and Chiyoko.     Chiyoko stands in front of you.   You reach for your sword, but your hand feels like a stranger to you.  You hear the sword slip out of its sheath.  You switch your sword to your right hand.

“Ignite your anima, you stupid kids!” a voice growls.   Chiyoko’s anima floods the corridor with blinding orange fire light.   Before even reaching her, the Chimera shrieks in pain and retreats.    A rhino slams into the chimera, driving it into the wall.   You see movement out of the corner of your eye.  The tentacle is reforming itself into an oversized scorpion.  It raises its tail and clicks its claws at you.

Chiyoko stabs the scorpion with her sword.  It melts into slug, but the slug bubbles with life.  She ignites her sword to burn off the residual goo.  “We need to leave now.”

What do you do?

  • Join battle. You aren’t leaving until you get some answers
  • Run and warn the Groundskeeper to get out of the passages.
  • Run for the nearest exit out of the tunnels
  • Run and stay in the tunnels
  • Run for Chiyoko’s room
  • Run for Elder Kejak’s room
  • Other