124 – The Potatoes!

Chiyoko can’t understand the River goddess, you realize.  She is only reacting to the tone of the goddess’ voice.  Chiyoko is not jumping off the bridge.

Chiyoko is going to attack.

“Wait!”  You grab Chiyoko’s arm just as she begins to draw her sword.  You met your girlfriend’s eyes, expecting to see anger in her fiery orange eyes.  Instead, what you see surprises you.  You see uncertainty.  You see fear.  You see despair.

Chiyoko breaks eye contact and collects herself.  When she looks back, you see rage has burned away all the other emotions you saw before.  “Let me go.”

You let go of her arm, unsure what to do next.

“You were going to jump off of the bridge,” Masaru stands right behind you.   Focused on Chiyoko, you did not hear him approach.

“I was not going to jump into the river,” Chiyoko hisses.

Mei Mei barks and attracts your attention.  “She’s escaping!”  Aiko cries out.   The blood ape materializes on the bridge and swipes at the melting goddess.   A puddle of muddy water drains over the side of the bridge.   The dark serpentine shape streams though the river towards Root Beard’s fields.

The River Goddess shoots up out of the water and towers over the potato fields.   “Root Beard!”  the goddess roars.   “You told the Dragons about the cult, you fool!  We had an agreement!”

Despite the torrential downpour, you hear Root Beard’s faint reply.  “I promised you nothing, you old water hag!”

The River swells up around the goddess.  “You will pay for your stupidity, field god!”  Muddy water surges over the bank.

“No!”  Root Beard materializes on a nearby log.  He grips his beard and stomps his feet.  “My potatoes!”

The water rises and begins to cover the fields.

What do you do?

  • Fight the goddess. Dissipating her will give you a few days to get help from Yu-Shan.
  • Warn the villages about the oncoming flood.
  • Summon the Storm god and get him to stop the rain.
  • Reveal yourself as an agent of Yu-Shan and assert your authority over the situation