112 – Help

You throw aside your covers and get out of bed. You place your bag on your desk and search for your Potato God mission.

“What are you doing?” Chiyoko crawls across the bed and kneels at its end.

You set the Denial of the Five Moons on your desk and continue digging through your bag. You need to clean it out more often. Finally, you unearth crumpled red envelope from the bottom of your bag. You leave the Shogun mission in your bag. Eventually you will have to tell Chiyoko about her dying grandmother, but you wanted to ward the dorm room before you did. You smooth the envelope out and sit next to Chiyoko on the bed. You pass the mission to Chiyoko.

Confused, Chiyoko accepts the envelope and removes the mission briefing. She stares at it perplexed. “Is this the God’s tongue?”

“Oh, yeah.” Chiyoko knew many of Creation’s languages, but not Spiritspeech. “It’s a mission briefing. I have to discover the secret keeping one of the local gods from attending the harvest festival. “

“What kind of god?”

“Um…” You were hoping not to have to reveal what the god’s domain was. “It’s a Potato God.”

“A potato god!” Chiyoko glares at you. “What kind of secret would a potato god know?”

“I don’t know, but will you help me find out?” You continue before she could say no. “I was planning on heading over to the village after classes on Venusday. That should give us enough time to find the god and figure out what is going on.” You pray to the Maidens as Chiyoko considers your offer. You wish you had a more exciting mission to offer her. You realize you want Chiyoko to join you on this mission. The boring mission would be more fun if she came along with you. “I promised that I’d take you with me on my next mission.”

“Okay. I’ll go.” She smiles. “We can go right after lunch if we skip the Military History.”

“Awesome!” The heavy feeling in your chest lightens when you realize Chiyoko is no longer angry with you. “Gimje is only a few hours away….”

“Are we going somewhere?” Masaru interrupts. He and Akio enter the room. Masaru dumps his schoolbooks on his bed and Aiko sits at your desk.

Chiyoko passes over your mission. “A local harvest god has a secret we need to figure out.” Masaru scratches at the back of his head as he frowns at the mission briefing. He sniffs the paper. “Why does this paper smell delicious?” He licks a corner of the paper. “Takes like mint candy.”

“Don’t eat my Mission Briefing!” You grab the briefing and shove it back into its envelope. You focus on this task while you control your disappointment. You only meant for Chiyoko to come with you. You throw the envelope on your desk and notice Aiko flipping through the Five Moons of Denial.

“Hey!” You slam the book shut in Aiko’s face. “That’s mine!”

Aiko crosses her arms and glares at you. “What? If you didn’t want anyone reading it, you shouldn’t have left it out.”

“What’s the book about?” Chiyoko asks.

“Boring shit.” You sigh. “I have to read two chapters while I am here.”

“I’ll read them for you.” Aiko instantly offers.

“Why do you want to do my homework for me?” you ask, instantly suspicious.

Aiko shrugs. “My mother had the unabridged copy of this book in her library. I never had a chance to read it before she…” Aiko hesitates. “…before I left home.” Aiko stares at her hands lying in her lap.

What do you do?

  • Let Aiko read the book for you.
  • Read the book yourself.
  • Read the book with Aiko.
  • Other.