111- Avoidance Kata

“Do you trust me, Masaru?” Your eyes never leave the Chuzei holding Mei Mei.

“Have you listen to a word I said?”  The Chuzei shakes Mei Mei.   She squeals in pain.

“Of course.”  Masaru replies without hesitation.

“Is this your dog…”

You are in the laundry room.  Mei Mei is back in the sink, covered in suds.   Masaru’s hands circle her chest and torso.  The puppy huffs in confusion.

“What just…”  Masaru begins.

“Shhh…”  You hush Masaru.  “Just make sure Mei Mei doesn’t escape.”  You pick up a cup, fill it with water, and rinse Mei Mei off.

The Fire Aspect Chuzei walks in.  “Boys, what are you doing up so early?”  The Chuzei’s uniform is still covered in water spots.

“Chuzei Enki gave me permission to wash my dog in the Laundry room.”  Mei Mei howls echo off the walls when you say the word wash.

“Hmm…”  The Chuzei studies you and Masaru, trying to remember…something.  She shrugs.   “Next time, don’t wash the dog so early in the morning.  Her howls can wake the dead.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

“Be sure to mop up before you leave.”  She indicates the wet trail on the floor.  The Chuzei grabs a clean uniform from the shelf.  She pauses just before the door.  “You trying to catch flies, Mayim?”

During the whole exchange, Masaru’s mouth was agape with shock.  He closes his mouth and swallows.  “No, ma’am.”

The Chuzei leaves the room.  You collapse against the skin after she leaves.  “That was close.”

“What happened?”  Mei Mei struggles to get free, but Masaru renews his grip on her.

“We made a different choice.”  You take Mei Mei out of the sink and begin to towel dry her.   “I must have asked you to hold Mei Mei so she doesn’t get away.”

“This is Sidereal stuff, isn’t it?” Masaru frowns.   “You should have told me you could whisk people away.”

“You have to want to come with me.”   You wrap Mei Mei up in a towel.  Her black dog nose pokes out and sniffs the air.

“But how…”  Masaru asks.  Chuzei Enki’s voice booms down the hallways, waking the rest of the students.

“Look.   Did you want to get in trouble? All that matters is I fixed it.”


You are awaken by the bright late afternoon sun.   You groan and try to hide under the pillow.  Didn’t you closed the curtains before you went to bed?   Mei Mei bounds over and burrows after you.   “Go away.”  You shove the puppy aside.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

You roll over and find Chiyoko sitting on the end of your bed.   She is still in her school uniform and her flame orange hair braided in short pigtails.  The afternoon sun illuminates the red highlights in her hair.  You blush when you realize you are staring.  “Hi.” You say lamely.

Chiyoko crosses her arms.  “We need to talk.”

“Okay.”  You sit up and rub the sleep from your eyes.  “About what?”

“About how you go on adventures without us.”   Chiyoko narrows her eyes.

Shit.  This is what Masaru warned you about.  “I’ve only been on one mission so far.”

Chiyoko does not accept this excuse. “You should have brought us with you.” She insists.

“Fair Folk are dangerous.  After what happened with Ika….  I didn’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Wait…”  Chiyoko’s eyes narrow.  “You know the drug dealer?”

“I was there.  Don’t you…”  you stop, realizing what happened.

“I don’t what?”

“It’s Arcane Fate.  You don’t remember.”   You close your eyes.  “I explained things to you.  Before I left on the mission.  You weren’t mad then.”

“You explained things to me….  Maybe you are the one that doesn’t remember.”  Chiyoko counters.   “Because I remember.  I was mad!  You go off on adventures, fighting Fair Folk, and I’m stuck here in school!”

What do you do?

  • Your missions are more than a reason to skip school.  Anyways you don’t need to tell Chiyoko anything about your missions.  You could go on a thousand missions and it wouldn’t be her business.
  • Retreat. You don’t want to deal with this right now.  Tell Chiyoko you have a meeting with Chuzei Enki.
  • Tell Chiyoko her grandmother is dying.  That is more important than any squabble you are having.
  • Tell Chiyoko about your mission with the Potato god and promise to bring her with you.
  • Other


((I worried about these charms in the Quest Game Format:  Avoidance Kata and Wise Choice.   Avoidance Kata was easy to deal with; it is storyteller’s choice of where you end up.  Svante doesn’t have Wise Choice thankfully, so I don’t have to worry about it being used on each decision point.))