96 – Intermediaries

“My father is keeping Bendt’s hopes of Exaltation alive, so let’s go the Wallport and talk to him.”   Only your father can convince Bendt to give up on his dream of becoming Dragonblooded and going to Wallport would give you a chance to finally meet your father.

Akachi smiles in approval.  “Bendt trusts his father and his word would carry more weight than yours.   With Arcane Fate, we have to work through intermediaries to help others.” You say nothing to this.   You neither need nor want a lecture from Akachi right now.

As Akachi directs the Stormwind Rider across the snowy plains towards port town, you try to think of what you’ll say to your father when you met him.  Yet your mind wouldn’t leave the topic of your own Exaltation.  “So, I wouldn’t have been told about being a Sidereal until I was 29?”

“Of course not, you would have been told much sooner. “  Your guardian crosses his arms.  “Jupiter misinforming us about your Exaltation would have caused enough problems, much less the young age you exalted at.”    Akachi grimaces.  “If you were older, you would have been well prepared for your Exaltation.”

“You mean prepared to fight your war against the Lunars.”  You remember what Aiko said about being forged into a weapon.

“Our War,”  The elder Sidereal corrected, his eyes heavy with sorrow.  “If I could lift this burden from you, Svante, I would in a heartbeat, but that Fate is not written in our stars.  The Lunars have not forgiven the Dragonblooded for their part in the Usurpation.  Their elders may not remember us from before, but enough of them have broken though Arcane Fate to know we exist.  Each new Lunar Exalt is warned about us.   Taught to kill first and ask questions later.   Many Sidereals have died on Lunar Claws, like your previous…“

You cut Akachi off.  “We die in your stupid war, while you Elders stay safe in Yu-Shan!”

Akachi sighs.  “Look at Rikali’s memories, Svante, and you know that isn’t true.   Sasha’s previous incarnation, Hotaka, was almost as old as I am.   He was killed on that ill-fated Wyld Hunt just like both Wanahton’s  and your previous incarnations.“

At the mention of Hotako’s name, a memory of a slight man with a gentle smile appears.  “It’s your show, Rikali.   You know better than I were a Lunar would hide in the Western Isles.”  You push the memory away.   “I don’t believe that.   The Desert Fox only wanted to save her son and be left alone.”

“If the Desert Fox realized what you truly were, she might not have let you leave the Fair Folk boat alive.  Perhaps if the Lunars had not run to the Wyld after their Solar Mates died, they would not have been warped into the monsters they are today.   Before the Userpation, my wife’s Lunar mate was a quick witted gecko and a talented sorcerer.  The last time I saw Erlantz, I didn’t recognize him.   He was more beast than man.   “

“Your wife’s Lunar mate…”  You repeat incredulously.  “You were married to a Solar?!”

“Yes, but that was a long time ago.”  Akachi changes the subject.  “We are almost to Wallport.”  He adjusts on his color clashing cloak.  “This Peacock Resplendent Destiny is known to Anders, so I can introduce you to your father.  I invested in his fishing boat business, so he has no choice but to grant me some of his time.”

What do you do?

  • Have Akachi vouch for you to your Father
  • Tell Akachi to keep out of this. You will talk to your father on your own
  • Walk outside of Fate after you land and leave Akachi behind
  • Other