92 – Caretaker

The last thing you wanted was to go anywhere with this Dragonblooded Medic.  “Ma’am, can we stay inside?  It’s wet out there.”  You snuggle closer to Mei Mei.

Gudleifr considers your request.  “Kaja, you don’t mind if I commandeer your kitchen for while?”

Your mother’s eyes bounces between you and the Dragonblooded.  She stands up from the table and smooths her dress with trembling hands.  “I should check on Elise.”

After your mother leaves, you sit in her chair.   Gudleifr calmly picks up her white tea cup and takes a sip.  You study the Dragonblooded, trying to figure out her purpose here.  Did Akachi send her?  You assumed your guardian would come get you himself, not send some unfamiliar Dragonblooded.   You scratch Mei Mei behind her ears and wait for Gudleifr to speak first.

Gudleifr frowns and asks,   “Is your name really Svante?”


“What Gent are you from?”

“I don’t have a Gent.”  Gudleifr’s pine green eyebrow raises in surprise to your response.  “I’m descended from Gent Cinead.” You add to flesh out your story more.

“Of course you are.”  Gudleifr mutters under her breath.   In a normal tone, she continues, “You aren’t from the North.  Skytongue isn’t your native language.  Your accent is familiar to me, but I can’t place it.”

This Dragonblooded must have had contact with Sidereals, but not enough to break though Arcane Fate.    You decide to test the medic to be sure.  “I’m from Yu-Shan.”

“The City of Gods?”  Gudleifr bursts out laughing.   “Why don’t you start again and this time tell me something I’d actually believe.  Where are you from?”

“I’m from Yu-Shan.”  You repeat.   The Dragonblooded medic’s eyes widen in shock.   “You are using truth charms on me!”  Neither Akachi nor the teachers at school ever used charms on you.  Only the most dangerous of problem students get that treatment.

“This mortal family is under my protection.  If you have business with them, you have business with me.”  Gudleifr holds your gaze.   “Why are you here, little boy?”

Undaunted you reply, “You were already told why I am here.  I’m looking for relatives.”  Even if your family was under her protection, why would a Dragonblooded drop everything and check up on a mortal family based on a garbled note?  You need to find out more information about this Dragonblooded’s interest in your family.   “Why is this family under you protection?”

“Kaja’s children carries the blood of the Dragons.  We keep an eye out in case any of them exalt.”  Gudleifr’s answer sounds too rehearsed to be true.

“No,” you press.  “It’s more than that.   What are your orders pertaining this family?” Mei Mei growls at the medic.  Akachi must have prepared for this situation.  Make sure if you did find out about your family, there would be someone waiting here to drag you back to Yu-Shan!


Gudleifr sets down her tea cups and folds her hands in lap.  “This family has been placed under my protection by some powerful people.  I’ve been teaching Kaja about healing and Thamaturgy.  I’ve arranged Linnea to apprentice with a weaver.  When Bendt and Elise decide what they want to do with their lives, I’ll make arrangements for them too.  ”

“What?”  These weren’t the orders you were expecting.

“Now,” Gudleifr takes advantage of your confusion.  “Do you mean this family any harm?”

You hear a noise come from upstairs.   Having no idea how much could be heard from upstairs, you wish you had left the cabin with Gudleifr.   “No.”

Gudleifr relaxes.  “Why are you here?”

“I’m looking for relatives.”

“So you’ve said.  But what lead you to this particular family?”

Your mind races for an honest explanation which doesn’t involve the Loom of Fate.   Then you grow suspicious.   People visit healers unannounced all the time.   There has to be more to Gudleifr’s questions.  “You were given more orders.   About me.”

“About you?  My, someone thinks they are important. ”  The Dragonblooded Medic leans forward in her chair and refills her tea cup.  “You show up on Kaja’s doorstep with a feeble story about why you are here.  And you demand I answer your questions.   Svante, the only question you should be asking is what I plan to do with you?”

What do you do?

  • Let Gudleifr decide what to do with you herself
  • Force Gudleifr to leave you alone with Force Decision
  • Talk Gudleifr into leaving you alone without charms
  • Other


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