75 – Time

“Take care of this!” you yell at Rory and begin to run after the rest of the children.  “Wait!”  The children keep running, heedless of your cry.  “Don’t run!”  You focus on the child in the front, the girl who was answering your questions earlier.  “Come back to me!”   You lace you words with Essence, forcing the girl to go along with your decision.  The girl pauses for a moment and looks back at you, and you focus on another child and try the same thing.  “This way!”   You wave your hand towards the hiding place behind the bushes.   The two children begin to run towards you, leading the rest of the children with them.  You count the children hiding behind the bushes and see all seven of the children are here, five whole children and two broken.

“Wait here.  I’ll be right back.”  You pull out your bandana and tie it around your forehead.  Once out of sight of the bushes, you drop out of fate.   You creep towards the cavern entrance and hear Rory talking to the Watcher.

“She of Whispering Bells gave him the power to turn his dreams into reality.  That is why you can’t eat the Envoy.   “

The Watcher grumbles, dissatisfied with Rory’s answer.   You approach the entrance of the cavern and see Rory, sword drawn, defensively standing before the Watcher.   Watcher has the broken child under one of his cat-like paws.   A random assortment of eyes are trained on Rory, while the others scan the forest.

“Reality limits our options, Watcher.  You can kill me, freeing Our Lady from her Oath to Baelor.   Then she will be free to attack the Water Dragons at her leisure, instead of at my Oath Father’s pleasure.   Yes, that would relieve your boredom, but you would just be one more foot solider among Our Lady’s army“

“Or…you, the Watcher of Many Eyes,”  Rory’s words become heavy and smooth as honey.  The Watcher’s roaming eyes focus solely on Rory.   “can join the Envoy of the Stars on his quest to rescue the children.   And after our quest, when I leave to join my Oath Father, you could be by my side.”  Rory lets his sword drop to his side and holds out his hand for the child.   “Let this child go and follow me, Watcher.   This quest is just a taste of the glories I can offer you.”

The Watcher flexes his claws as he considers Rory’s offer.   “The Envoy will finish gathering the children soon.”  Rory reminds the Watcher.   “If you delay any longer, time will make your decision for you.”

The Watcher drags the child close to his mouth and begins to lick the dirt and grim off of the child with his tongue.   You wait, hand on sword, to see what happens next.  After cleaning the child, the Watcher pushes him towards Rory with his paw.   Rory smiles and wiggles his fingers of his outstretched hand and the broken child takes it.

You return to the children and consider the conversation.  Rory said he was an Oath Child and somehow his life was connected to an Oath made by the Blue Lady to not attack the Shogunate Navy.   Why…

“Svante!”  You jump when you hear Captain Shen’s voice in your ear.  “Why did it take you so long to answer?   What have you been doing for the past few days?  Everyone is worried about you.  Please answer back as soon as you get this!  Also, if you can try to take out a few of the trebuchets. “  There is a pause in Captain Shen’s message.  “Sasha says to ignore that and just keep your head down, but I think you can handle it.”  The message ends there.

A few days!   It hasn’t been a few days, unless…. Time is moving faster in Creation than on the Barge.  That means the Valiant Hummingbird will be here soon!

“Captain Shen.   Time is moving faster for you than it is for me.   I’ve only been here for a few hours.  I have the children with me and I will try to take out the barge’s defenses.”   You end the message there and head back to the children.   You do not have much time.   All eight children are there, now with Rory and the Watcher.

What do you do?

  • Tell Rory that you don’t want the Watcher around. The Fair Folk now outnumber you.
  • Leave the children with Rory and the Watcher and go disable the Trebuchets.
  • Send Rory and the Watcher to disable the Trebuchets while you watch the children
  • Hide the children and all three of you go disable the Trebuchets.
  • Other

((Damn.  Gift of the Broken Mask has a willpower cost.  We don’t really keep track of stats, but eight willpower is a bit much.  At Essence 4, we can target Social Groups.  ))

((Fair Folk charms…  are confusing….  ))