73 – Watcher

“Come on.  We do not have much time.”  You lead the fair folk out of the prison tree and back towards the woods.  You worry that someone has already discovered the servant missing or the Blue Lady sent someone else for her “breakfast”.

“Do not worry, Envoy.  We shall arrive at the appropriate time.  Though, I cannot start our quest without appropriate attire.”   Rory motions at his lack of clothes as he walks through the woods.
“Appropriate Attire? Oh!  You need armor.   Can we steal some?”

“And wear armor made for someone else?”   The Fair Folk Noble wrinkles his nose at this.   “We shall make a short detour to pick up my personal armor.”  Rory heads off in a different direction than the cavern.

“But we don’t have time!”  You race to catch up with the Fair Folk.

“Time Time!  For one born of reality, you certainly complain about time as much as the Ageless ones.  “   He ignores you and continues walking.

You walk faster to step ahead of the tall Fair Folk.  Standing in front of Rory, to stop him, you state, “I’m in charge of this quest.  You should do what I say.”

“And I will do what you say.  Just as soon as I am properly attired.   Though, fighting ferocious beasts in nothing but my Loincloth would make a good story….”  Rory waves his hand, discarding the idea and kneels down to dig though the decaying leaves at the base of one of the trees.

“Ferocious beasts?”  You remember the Multi-eyed Creature in the woods.  “You talking about that multi-eyed creature?”

“Ah…  You have met the Watcher.  Yes, the Watcher protects the larder from those who wish to raid it for a snack. “

He also makes sure the children don’t escape, you think.   “Have you heard of shelves?” you ask sarcastically.  “Maybe a trunk to keep your gear in so you can find it easier?”

Rory pulls out an over-sized fuzzy sand dollar from the leaf litter.   “What’s a trunk?”

How could someone not know what a trunk was?  “Never mind.  I’ll explain later.”   You begrudgingly help Rory don his armor.  In addition to the Sand Dollar shield, Rory wears a hardened clear glass breastplate with a flowing seaweed cloak.

On his head, Rory has an absurdly orange colored sea shell half helm, holes cut for his eyes and long ears.  “Not as malleable than my old armor, but it will have to do.   Shall we continue on?”   You nod, keeping quiet about the silly sea shell helm.   No need to antagonize the Fair Folk when he is helping you.

Your heart pounds and you grip your sword tightly as you and the Fair Folk walk through the dark whispering forest.  The forest itself was unnerving enough when you were walking outside of fate.  Visible, you feel completely exposed as you follow Rory in his orange shell helmet.

Just before you reach the cavern, Rory stops and ducks down behind the bushes and puts a finger to his lips.   You hear swishing sound ahead.   Motioning for Rory to stay put, you walk outside of Fate and check it out.  You walk towards the cave and are stop short by what you see there.

A large fox like creature sleeps in front of the broken cavern door.   The Watcher was much larger than you imagine, comparable to a yeddim calf.  Its closed eyes are scattered all over its iridescent furred body. A large fluffy tail restlessly sweeps the ground in reaction to some dream.    Twin sets of ears twitch as the Watcher slumbers.

What do you do?

  • You and Rory attack it while it is vulnerable
  • Rory distracts it while you go get the children
  • Try to sneak the children past it
  • Other