71 – Bed Mates

You wait for the Desert Fox to leave the Cavern and then leave the Cavern yourself. As you walk the trail back to the Mossy Court you figure out what is bugging you. There is no way the float is big enough to contain this whole trail. When you arrive at the Mossy Court, it is empty. Where are all the fair folk? You find a dark corner to hide and report back to Captain Shen.

“Captain Shen, tell Sasha I’m fine. There are about fifty fair folk here on the Float, but they haven’t seen me yet. They have trebuchets ranging along edge of the float. Five of the children seem to be okay, but there are others who… aren’t quite right. Some of the children have already died.“ You pause as you think about what you saw in the Larder… Cavern. Cavern was easier to think about. If you gotten there sooner you could have saved them. Even now, you have no idea where to keep them until the Valiant Hummingbird arrives. “Please come soon. I don’t know how I am going to keep the children safe from the Fair Folk until you arrive.” You send the Air Elemental on its way.

You invisibly pace the Mossy Court, waiting for a reply. After about an hour, you grow impatient. How long does it take for the Air Elemental to deliver your message and come back? You can’t wait too long. Someone is going to notice when the servant has gone missing. You need to find a way to get the children out of the cavern, and safely though the forest and find a place to hide. While you easily avoided the Wyld monsters in the woods, mortal children could not and you are unsure if you could take the multi eyed monster in a fight.

You look up the water stair case of the Blue Lady. Rory said that the Blue Lady had his cup. Maybe if you had Rory’s cup, he’d be willing to help you. You tentatively place a foot on the bottom step. The water streams around your foot, but the step supports your weight. You draw your jade sword and climb up the stairs. The water curtain moves like fabric when you poke it with your sword. Drawing your sword back, you see the blade is covered with water droplets. Weird. You push the curtain aside and enter the Blue Lady’s Lair.

You were uncertain what to expect to find past the water curtain. Perhaps a richly furnished bedroom. Or a garden of otherworldly plants. Even a torture chamber. But the piles of junk that laid beyond the curtain were anticlimactic. You carefully navigate the maze of twisted swords, shattered cups, and cracked staffs, you wonder why the Blue Lady has all this broken gear. Fine shards of glowing glass crushed under your feet as you walked deeper into the Blue Lady’s Lair.

After navigating the maze of broken junk, you find a poster bed perched in the center of the room. Vines twist along the posts, shedding leaves on the ground. Lying on the bed is a mummified corpse dressed in blue Shogunate Naval Armor.

“His name is Admiral Mayim Takuma. “ Your heart starts pounding when you hear the Blue Lady’s voice. She appears from behind one of the piles of junk and lays on her side next to the corpse. “One of the Shogun’s greatest warriors. Such glorious battles we had when he was younger. The fire of his hatred for us was unquenchable.” She closes her eyes and shivers in remembrance. “Alas, as all Creatures of Creation, he grew old and soon became a poor opponent.” She caresses the corpse’s cheek. “We gave him a warrior’s death and a place in our bed to honor our rivalry.”

The Blue Lady leaves the corpse and begins to pace around the bed. You realize that she does not know where you are and is looking for you. “His son was a disappointment. He would not come to us to avenge his father’s death. Preferred to chase the Moon Chosen like you instead of us,” the Blue Lady spat. “But his grandson…. now, there was an adversary of much potential. Takeshi has a temper much like his grandfather, though for some reason he tries to hide it. Takeshi is such a tease,” she adds playfully. “We have to kill one of his children to rouse his rage.”

Once you stop freaking about the Blue Lady, you realize who she is talking about now. Takeshi must be Admiral Mayim. And that means…. The corpse in the bed must be Masaru’s great grandfather. You try not to think about what the Blue Lady does with the corpse.

The Blue Lady pauses before one of the piles and picks up a flask. “We have not seen Takeshi in quite a while. We hope he has not grown old and infirm. We want to give him a place in our bed too. Then we would have a matched set of Admirals. “

“Are you here for the children, Moon Maiden? Our schemes did not mean to attract your attention, but we can make the best of it. We are bound by an oath that makes it so we cannot directly have our heart’s desire.” The Blue Lady snarls at the flask and throws it back in the pile. “We have been trying to attract the Admiral’s attention, but he is stubborn. If only we were free of our Oath, then we could pursue him before he dies. But alas, we must care for our Oath Child or we are foresworn. Baelor is such an inconsiderate Oath Father, gaining all the benefits of our Oath and leaving Rory with us. ”

“If only we were free of our Oath. We would not need the children in the Larder. We could go back to feeding on strong and powerful Dragonmen. Eating all these children is making us soft. If we continue for much longer we would be no match for Takeshi, if he ever does show up.” The Blue Lady turns to walk back the way she came. “We’d hate to disappoint him.”

You wait for a few minutes to make sure the Blue Lady does not return. Then you quickly walk over to the pile and pick up the flask. It is the closest unbroken item that could be considered a “cup” you saw among the piles. You step outside of fate again and quickly leave the Blue Lady’s Lair.

What do you do?

  • Take the Blue Lady up on her offer. Rory might have a beef against the Blue Lady, but he is still one of them. Kill him and let the Admiral take care of the Blue Lady.
  • Ask Rory for help with the children. Keep the flask in reserve. Depend on Rory’s hatred of the Blue Lady to assist you.
  • Bargain with Rory for help with the children in exchange for the Flask.
  • Give Rory the flask and ask for help with the children depending on his gratitude to assist you.
  • Other

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