69 – The Blue Lady

Slipping outside of fate, you observe the Float from the air.   The group of kidnappers make their way through the forest of bed trees towards a large flowing sculpture of water in the center of the Float.  Curtains of water obscure the figure rousing from sleep inside the sculpture.   The kidnappers kneel as the curtains parts to reveal a blue skinned Fair Folk woman dressed only in droplets of water.   Stairs of water form as she descends towards the group of kidnappers.   Servants approach with a shimmering cloak of countless colored butterfly wings and drape it fashionably around her body.   The wings of her cloak flutter as she approaches the group.

You land just outside of the court where the group of Fair Folk.   The deck of the float is spongey under your feet.   Experimentally you take a few steps and the mossy ground spring under your feet similar to the practice mats back in Yu-Shan.  You hid behind one of the bed trees and observe.  Other Fair Folk gather in the Mossy Court to see what will happen.

“Our Lady,” the short eared Fair Folk stares down at the mossy ground as he addressed the Fair Folk Noble.

“Loathing Commander of Splendor and Platinum, how goes last night’s harvest?  Our larder grows stale and we wished for something fresh to break our fast this dawn.”  The Blue Lady caresses the Commander’s short pointy ears.

“There were complications, Our Lady.”  The Loathing Commander glances at Rory, before staring back at the ground.

“Complications….”  The Blue Lady repeats.  She drops her hands from the Command and stalks towards Rory.

Rory raises his head and look directly at the Blue Lady.  “An Envoy of the Stars freed the children, Our Lady.”  You catch your breath and look around for the Desert Fox.  The last thing you need is for the Lunar to figure out what you were.  Maidens only know how she would react to a Sidereal.

“An Envoy of the Stars?” The Blue Lady says doubtfully.   “We have not heard of such thing.   Could it not be the Moon Maiden in a different guise?”

“No, Our Lady.  She of Whispering Bells left her mark on the envoy’s brow.”

The Blue Lady looks towards the Loathing Commander.  “I do not remember anyone else on the dock besides Rory, Our Lady.   I do remember Rory was dancing and letting the harvest run off… “

“No.  The Envoy was there.”  Rory interrupts.  “Our Lady, I remembered the stories you told of the Envoys of the Sun and…”

“There have been no Envoys of the Sun since the Dragons and their nameless masters threw the Sun’s Chosen down from their place in the sky. “  The Blue Lady grips Rory’s chin.  Rory’s eyes water in pain, but he does not make a sound.  “And there has never been any Envoys of the Stars.  You lie.”

For the first time in your life, you thank the Maidens for Arcane Fate.    You shed your Resplendent Destiny as soon as the Barge appeared at the dock.  Perhaps the Desert Fox will not connect the boy she met earlier with Rory’s “Envoy of the Stars.”

In a strained voice, Rory explains.  “I am not lying, Our Lady.  Why would I risk my honor by lying to my Oath Mother, Keeper of my Cup?  The honor of my Oath Father, Baelor….”

“Do not speak that name here.  Baelor’s Oath Children are more countless than the Stars.   He left you to us to do what we will.  Stand up, Rory.”  The Lady circles Rory, her fingers running along his armor.  The Starfish flee from her touch, leaving the Blue Lady to touch Rory’s bare skin.   “Where is the Flute we gave you?”

Rory looks down at the ground and mumbles, “I lost it when I was fighting the Envoy.”

“This Envoy again…”  She lifts up Rory by the neck.  His feet dangle in the air.  “We will not tolerate lying in our vassals.  You are a malformed child tainted by the Reality in which you first drew breath.”

“If I am tainted it is because I came from an oath you have no intention of keeping, Our Lady.” Rory spat at the Blue Lady.

The Blue Lady causally tosses Rory across the Mossy Court like a rag doll.   Rory slams into a tree and slides down to its base.  He lays dazed, staring at the Blue Lady.  “Do not forget, child. We still have possession of your cup.   Commander, take Rory away.  Perhaps some time in the dungeons will remind him of his place.”

“Yes, Our Lady.”  The Loathing Commander and a few other of the guards grab Rory by the arms and start to drag him away.   Hatred burns in Rory’s eyes as he is dragged away.

“Oath Children are such an inconvenience at times.”  The Blue Lady sighs and puts Rory from her mind.  “Bring us subsidence from the Larder.”   The Blue Lady orders.   A servant bows and heads in the opposite direction of Rory.

The Blue Lady is his mother!?  You realize as the argument finishes.   Fair Folk are not kind to their children.

What do you do?

  • Follow Rory to the Dungeon
  • Follow the servant to the larder
  • Stay in the Mossy Court and see what else you can overhear
  • Figure out where the Desert Fox went
  • Other