65 – Denial

“What is your interest in the kidnappings?” you ask.   “Why do you care about human children?”

“Why wouldn’t I care about children?”  The Lunar looks almost confused at your question.

You raise your little boot knife and say “You are Anathema.  The last Anathema I met attacked me and my friends specifically because we were a children.   “

The Lunar pinches her lips together and closes her eyes.  “That wasn’t me.”

“You are fucking lying!  You are an animal who would tear apart civilization and piss on its ashes if you could!   You hunt innocent people down for sport and rip out their hearts and go home to their families and rape and murdered them too!  “

The Lunar cocks her head as she watches you rant.  “My my my.  Our little dragon egg knows his Immaculate Texts well.“  She tries to meet your eyes, but you look away.  You are not falling for that trip again.  “Child, if I was the monster you say I am, you would not be standing here pointing your little knife at me.“

You narrow your eyes and keep your knife held high.  “You are keeping me alive for information.”

“If that was all I wanted, I’d take your puppy’s heart and follow you around.  If I was feeling particularly lazy, I’d just hid in the trees over your hut and listen to you argue with your father.”

You repress a shiver and gather Mei Mei to your chest with your free arm.  “Why didn’t you?”

“Because we have the same goal, little egg.   We both want to know where the Fair Folk are taking the children. “  The Lunar smiles. ” You might say that the Enemy of my Enemy is my friend.”

“I am not you friend!” Mei Mei growls at the Lunar.

“Yet, you still called me back to talk.  Yet you still haven’t given me back any information in return for what I have given you.”  The smile drops from the Lunar’s face and she stare you down.
You refuse to be intimidated by Desert Fox.  “You want information?”  Your arm is growing tired, but you still keep your knife up.  “These people are starving because of you.  The storm mother has been keeping the fishing schools and the whales away from the island because of you.   She has demanded a child sacrifice to bring them back.“

The Lunar is silent.   “Well, what you say of that?!” you demand of the Lunar.

“Hush, little egg. I am thinking.”   The Lunar stands up, towering over you.  “I will bring a whale to the island.”

“What?!  You can’t even follow the barge, how could you bring a whale?”

“Do you really want to know, little egg?”  When you don’t respond, the Lunar continues.  “In a few days, I will bring back a whale for the islanders to hunt.  This will buy time to figure out what to do about the Storm Mother.  I will be back, Little Egg.”   The Lunar races down the beach and disappears into the water.

After watching the waves to make sure the Lunar was truly gone, you put your knife back into your boot and carry Mei Mei back to the hut.  You stood up to a Lunar and you survived!   And possibly got important information if the Lunar was not lying.  Damn, you were good.

When you return to the hut, you find Wanahton standing at the wood stove smelling strongly of rum.   When he hears you walk in, he turns around and looks at you with clear eyes.  “Where have you been?  You hungry?  I made food.  ”

“I was talking to the goddess….and the Lunar…”

Wanahton pauses in spooning stew into a bowl.   “I must drunk more rum than I thought.  Did you say that you talked to a Lunar?

“That is what I said.”  You start pulling off your boots.  Mei Mei tries to steal one of them, but you hold the boot out of her reach.

“Dragons.  That was stupid, Svante.  What if he attacked you?”  Wanahton hands you a bowl of stew.



“The Lunar is a she.  Or at least looked like a she. You never know with a Lunar.”  You say flippantly.  You dig into the stew.   Talking to Anathema was hungry work.

Wanahton sighs and sits down on the bed next to you.  “What did you find out?”

“The Storm Mother is starving out the island because the Island Goddess helped the Lunar.   She wants a child sacrifice, but the goddess won’t give her one.  The Lunar is trying to find out information about the kidnapping.   I can’t figure out what her angle is.  She says the Fair Folk are the ones kidnapping the children and she hasn’t been able to follow the barge.   But she is going to get a whale to buy time to deal with the Storm Mother.”  You shrug.

“Dragons.” Wanahton curses.   “Why can’t a mission be easy?”

“I know.” You commiserate.  “I don’t think the Lunar is going to leave the island alone.    We should call in the Valiant Hummingbird and form a Wyld Hunt.   I bet showing her dead body to the Storm Mother will make the old hag happy.”

Wanahton sets his bowl aside.  “I don’t think we should call in the Wyld Hunt yet.”

“What?  Why?”

“There isn’t enough evidence.”

“Evidence that she is an Anathema?  She changed forms right in front of me!”

“We were sent here to find the kidnappers.”  Wanahton thinks for a moment.  “Just because this Lunar says that she isn’t the kidnapper doesn’t mean she is telling the truth.   She could still lead us to the kidnappers one way or another.”

You look at Wanahton as if he was speaking a different language.  “Wanahton, it’s a Lunar!  They are monsters.  One of them almost killed us!  The longer she is alive, the more damage she could do.  ”

“I’m not saying we trust her.   I’m saying she could be useful.  “

What do you do?

  • Wait for the Lunar to bring back a Whale.  Use her for assistance and then after the mission call the Wyld Hunt on her.
  • When the Lunar comes back, have a Wyld Hunt waiting.   Offer the Lunar’s corpse to the Storm Mother.
  • Don’t trust the lunar to deal with the Storm Mother situation.  Summon the Storm Mother and force her to submit via charms
  • Don’t trust the lunar to deal with the Storm Mother situation.  Contact the Valiant Hummingbird and see if they can do anything about the food situation.
  • Other

((This scene was harder to write than I thought it would be.   ))