53 – Backup

“What do I remember?”  You take a deep breath and begin:

“I remember walking along the beach.   I got a rock in my sandal, so I sat on a rock and took a stick to pluck it out.   The scroll was in a bag I was carrying.   While I was prying the rock out of my sandal with a stick, a monkey came up and took the scroll from my bag.  I chased it through the jungle… “

The Bureau Mole interrupts you in the middle of your rambling story.   “This is a waste of time,” he mutters under his breath.    The god turns to walk out of the courtyard when a Fire Aspect you don’t recognize appears from behind a pillar to block him.   The Bureau Mole takes a step back and runs into another Dragon blooded Student.

The Fire Aspect puts his sword to the god’s throat.  “Where do you think you are going?” the student asks.  You recognize the student as one of the ones standing by the door earlier.   In the courtyard, other students appear from the surrounding bushes and from behind pillars.   Twelve Dragon blooded students surround the god.   The fire aspect pushes the god to his knees, sword still at throat.   Chiyoko walks up, Aiko by her side.   Out of the corner of your eye, you see the door open and a Wood Aspect enter the room and kneel at Ika’s side.

Masaru climbs out of the window.   You follow him and join Chiyoko and Aiko.

“I suggest you do not try to dematerialize or else we will cut your head off.  You got it?”  The god says nothing to Chiyoko.

“You should answer her.”  Aiko threatens.   You smell blood as Aiko’s Blood Ape materializes in the courtyard.

“I understand.”  The god finally answers.

“Search him for the Antidote,”  Chiyoko orders.

One of other dragon bloods started to search the god and pulls out the bottle.  She opens it up and takes a whiff.  “Ugh.  It’s horse piss.”

“You were lying!” Chiyoko accuses.   She ignites her sword and points it at the god.

“Child, you are out of league here.  I am not a member of the Terrestrial Bureaucracy.  You have no authority over me.   Kill me, there will be unexpected repercussions.  ”

Chiyoko bits her lip when the god says this.   “You committed murder.”

“In the scheme of things, murder of a mortal is a minor charge.”

“Unlike treason.” You interject.

“What treason?  You have no proof, boy.”

“You tried to poison me.”

“Did I now?” The god seems too relaxed for someone with a sword at his throat.

“What do you mean?  You hit me with a poison dart.”

“Correction.  I hit you with a dart.  You assumed it was poisoned.”

You feel stupid right now.   “But…what about Ika?”

“What about her?   The Bureau gossip has been saying for years that her actions will lead her to a bad end.  She is just proving everyone right.”   The Bureau Mole stares you down.  “You were wrong about being poisoned.  What other things were you wrong about?   Are you certain you and your dragon blooded friends have enough authority to arrest me?   You know how things are in Yu-Shan, boy.  Flub one procedure and the whole process is invalidated.   “

Worry about that later, you think.   Change the subject.  Why go through all this trouble for the scroll?

“Why do you want the scroll?  Why go through all of this trouble for it?”

“I need to know what poison the god used on this woman.”  You hear the wood aspect say from inside the dorm.

“What poison did you use on Ika?” you ask the god.

“I don’t know.”


The god shrugs.  “I asked the shop owner for something fast acting.  I didn’t inquire into too many details.“   The dragon blood searches the god and finds the vial of poison and brings it to the dorm window.

“The scroll.  Why do you want it?”

“The same reason why everyone else wants it. “

“Why can’t you give us a straight answer!” you yell, frustrated with the whole situation.

The god smiles in reply.   This god was infuriating.    He lies, doesn’t give straight answers, and half your charms don’t work on him.

What do you do?

  • Arrest him and be done with the situation.
  • Continue questioning. Maybe you’ll wear him down.
  • There has to be something that is protecting him from your charms. Figure out what that is.