51 – Time

Before you leave from the window, you attempt to steal the god’s name. As you reach out and grab it, the name slips through your grasp. How does the god do that? You back away from the window and slide down the chest of drawers. As you do, you feel something fly past and out the window. What was that? You feel dizzy, but otherwise unimpaired. What did the Bureau Mole drug you and Ika with?

Masaru kneels at your side. “Are you okay?”

“Yes.” You crawl over to Ika and check her pulse. She is still alive.

“What do you want with us?” Masaru asks to the god.

The god is silent for a moment and then replies, “I have no business with you, Dragon Child. Let me talk to the boy.”

Masaru whispers. “We need to by some time.”

“We?” You listen carefully and hear the sound of footsteps walking outside of the door. “Wait? What are you doing?”

“Don’t worry. We got this, Svante.” Masaru yells out of the window. “How can we be certain that your antidote is real?”

The god ignore Masaru’s question. “This is a limited time offer. If you don’t wish to talk to me, boy. I’ll leave. ”

“What a dick. Svante, you need to talk to him. He won’t listen to me.”

What do you do?

  • Talk to the god to buy time for Masaru’s plan
  • Talk Masaru out of his plan, so your dragon blooded friends won’t get more involved
  • Could the something that flew out of the window be… Haythem? Wait and see what happens.
  • Other

((OOC: Short and sweet because I’m not feeling well. I missed a post last week and didn’t want to miss one this week.))

((And no, we aren’t doing the “Celestial Gods think Dragonbloods are the scum of the earth. This god is just a dick. ))