50 – Window

“Masaru!”  you hiss, trying to catch his attention without warning the figure at the window.

“I heard.”  He whispers back.    Now you are certain he is awake, you slide out of bed and drop out of fate.   The dark figure opens the window and climbs in.   The figure heads towards your side of the room.  You watch it pause when it sees that one of the beds is empty.   When the figure hesitates, Masaru springs from the bed and tackles the figure.   There is a brief struggle as Masaru wrestles the figure to the floor.  You turn on the light.

“It’s the drug dealer.”  Masaru announces.   You see that it is indeed Ika pinned to the floor.

“Ika?”  You are surprised to see the god blood.  “How did you get out jail?”

“My father is the god of locks.  No cell can hold me long.”

“What are you doing in our dorm?” Masaru asks.

“I was dropping off the money I owed Svante.”   She wiggles her left leg.  “The pouch is in my left pocket”

“Did you have to break through the window to drop off some jade?” You wonder why she had to pay her back right now.  Couldn’t it have waited until you got back to Yu-Shan?

“Considering I just escaped from Jail?  Yes.”   Ika retorts.  “It’s not like I can walk in through the front door of the school dorms.”  She tests Masaru’s hold on her.  “Can you let me up?  I promise I’ll be good.”

Masaru looks to you.   You rub the bridge of your nose and sigh.  “Let her go.”   Masaru releases Ika and sits back down on his bed.

Ika pulls out a pouch of money from her pocket and throws it at you.  You catch it from the air and open it.  The pouch is filled with Jade coins in large denominations.  It would have to be to cover a debt of Yu-Shan Currency.

“Where did you get this much money?  I thought you were broke.”

“Do you really want to know, kid?”

Probably not.   You put the money into your bag, next to the wrapped knife and hair.  When you see the package, you cringe.   Instead of dropping it off with Haytham, you fell asleep.  You close the flap of the bag.

Ika, after watching you take the money, wasn’t making to leave.  “So…” you begin.  “Thanks for paying me back.   I guess you can go now.  Bye?”

Ika nervously scratches the back of her head.  “I was hoping that I could crash here for a bit.”

“There is this place where people pay money and they give you a room with a bed.  It’s called an Inn.” You explain in a mocking tone.

“And people who have broken out of jail can’t just walk into an inn and rent a room.”   Ika retorts in the same tone.

“Umm…”  Masaru interrupts.  “We can’t have girls sleep in our room.”

“It’s a good thing I’m a woman, not a little girl.”   Ika steals a pillow and the blanket off of your bed and makes herself a nest in the corner.   “You won’t even know I’m here.  I’ll be gone in a few hours.”  She curls up around the pillow and closes her eyes.

“She isn’t going to leave, is she?”  Masaru asks.

“Doesn’t look like it.”

“Can we throw her out?”

“I can hear you.”  Ika says.  “The room isn’t that big.”

Masaru sighs and head back to bed.   “Do you want my blanket?”

“I’m good.”  It’s your fault that Ika is in his room.  You don’t want to take his blanket on top of that.

“Okay…”   he lays back down.   You lie on the bed and wonder how you are going to get back to sleep now.  You probably could sneak out, but that would leave Masaru alone with Ika.  And there is no telling where Haythem is now.

Just as you are about to drift off to sleep again, Ika says loudly.  “Mother fucker.”  She throws off the blanket and begins to walk around the room, waving her arms around.

“What the fuck is it now?!”  you yell at her.

“He’s here.  I know when someone is walking outside of fate.   I can always tell.”   Ika picks up the pillow to defend herself from invisible intruders.

“Are you fucking high?”  Masaru yells.  “Get the fuck out of our room!”

“He’s here.”  She throws the pillow at one corner and knocks over Masaru’s armor.   You look around the room.   Maybe Haythem is here.   How would you know?

“No. One. Is. Here.”   Masaru states.  “Get out of our dorm!”   Ika ignores him and retrieves the pillow.  Masaru gets off of his bed to tackle Ika again.

“Wait.”  You hold out a hand to stop Masaru.  “Maybe Haythem is here.”

“Who?”  Masaru sits back down, looking confused.

“The bum.”  You explain.  “He can walk outside of fate like I can.”

“What bum?”

“Never mind.  I’ll explain later.”   You stand up.  “Haythem?   I got a package here with the knife that murdered the Mercenary woman.   Why don’t you take back to Yu-Shan with you?  “  You look at Ika, still batting the pillow around.  “Maybe take Ika with you.”

“Hey!”  She throws the pillow at you.   You catch it and put it back on your bed.

There is an awkward moment where everyone waits for Haythem to appear in the room.   You are not surprised when he doesn’t appear.  Aiko said he had the Dust.   Why would Haythem hang out in some kid’s dorm room, when he could be getting high?

“Yeah.” You say.  “He’s not here.”    You open the window.   “Find somewhere else to sleep.”  You tell Ika.


“Haythem had a nice crate near the bar.   Sleep there.”   Ika looks crushed when you say this, as if she couldn’t believe you were doing this to her.  You recognize the look from Rikali’s memories of Ika’s childhood.

“I’m not your mother.”  You remind the god blood.  “Leave.”   Suddenly you are filled with the sense of dread that precedes danger.  You are about to be attacked.    Was Ika about to attack you?

You take a step back away from Ika and towards the window.

“What is it?” Masaru asks.   You are about to open your mouth when feel something hit your neck.  You put your hand to your neck and pull out a small dart covered in blood.  You start to feel woozy.  “Get away from the window!”   Masaru yells.  “We are being attacked! There is someone shooting darts at us outside!”

Another dart flies by and hits Ika.   She manages to get out a “Fuck” before falling unconscious to the floor.

“Boy!”   You turn towards the open window and the movement makes you dizzy.  You cling to the window sill and look up to see a figure outside.   It takes you a moment to recognize the Bureau Mole.  He is crouched by one of the bushes in the courtyard, a bamboo tube at his side.  “The god blood does not have long before she is beyond what the antidote can cure. “  He holds up a small flask of a clear pale yellow liquid.  “Perhaps you should come out of the window and we can talk.”

“Get away from the window, Svante.”  Masaru repeats.

What do you do?

  • Go out and talk to the Bureau Mole. Ika might annoy the shit out of you, but not enough to let her die
  • Go out and attack the Bureau Mole. Unlike Trailing Sorrows, this god is just a clerk.   You can take him.
  • Shut the window. You will not give into a terrorist’s demands.  You got the knife and hair.  It’s only a matter of time before this god is caught.
  • Get back from the window. Perhaps Masaru has a plan.
  • Other