49 – Evidence

After Masaru finishes asking his question, you realize that you should have thought your plan through more thoroughly.   You and your Dragon blooded friends would attract a lot of attention dragging a corpse though the streets of Vanchow.  Knowing the way your luck was going tonight, you’d run into the magistrates who questioned your friends.   You probably won’t be able to whisper your way out of jail if that happened.

You kneel down next to the canvas covered corpse and carefully unwrap the woman.   Her eye stare sightlessly though her sodden hair.   Unable to bear her gaze of the dead woman, you gently close her eyes.   Unfolding your headband, you pick up the knife and wrap the blade in the cloth without touching it.

“Anyone have a knife?” you whisper.  Wordlessly Masaru hands you his blade.   With it, you slice off a sopping wet strand of her hair and tie it into a knot.  You wrap the knife and the lock in the cloth and hand Masaru back his blade.

Chiyoko kneels by you.  “You saw her die?”

You nod and with Chiyoko’s help, begin to roll up the woman’s body back in the canvas tarp.  Once you are done, you are unsure what to do with the body.  You can’t just leave her there and you did not want to dump her back into the harbor.

Chiyoko motions to Aiko and Masaru and each of them take a corner of the canvas tarp.   You quickly stand up and also grab a corner.  Together, you carry the body to the harbor master’s office.   “Someone will find her tomorrow and give her a proper burial,” Chiyoko assures you.

Relieved that you are finished with the woman’s body, you ask Aiko, “Where is the coin now?”

“It’s still in the same building.”  Aiko tells you.  “We going to go there now?”

“No.”  You didn’t know anything about the intentions of the spirit watching you.   You will go drop off the package to Haythem after your friends were safely behind the school wards and asleep.   “I’m going to bed.”  You announce and start to head in the direction of the school.


The Dragonblooded school was lot more active than you would have thought it would be past curfew.   The older students were sitting outside on the steps of the dorm, quietly speaking to each other.  They shuffled over to give you room to enter the dorms.  The stench of tobacco and marijuana float out the upper floors of the dorm.   “What’s going on?” you ask.

“Oh, it’s always like this the night before a rest day.  At least it has been since the headmaster was outed as Anathema.”   Aiko explains.   The four of you stop in front of Masaru’s dorm.   Before she and Aiko head off towards their dorm, Chiyoko kisses you goodnight.

“Hey!  Lung!  That isn’t your fiancé you are kissing!” one of the older students by the door razzes her.

Aiko comes to her cousin’s defense. “Shut the fuck up!  You are just jealous nobody wants to kiss you.”   The older students snicker and go back to their conversation.

Chiyoko blushes at the other student’s comments.  She reluctantly takes a step towards Masaru.   Masaru quickly retreats and says, “I’m not up to keeping up appearances tonight.”  Chiyoko nods and seems relieved by Masaru’s rejection.  She follows Aiko back to their dorm.

Masaru unlocks his dorm and throws himself on the bed, not bothering to turn on the lights or change his clothes.   He hides his head under the pillow.

“Masaru?”  you ask, worried.  “Are you going to be okay?”

There is a delay before the Water Aspect’s response.  “Yes.”   It sounded like one of those yeses that actually meant no.   Whenever you give Akachi one of those yeses, he makes you talk it out.   You always feel better afterwards.

“Sometimes it helps…” you begin.

“I don’t want to talk about it.   Just go to sleep, Svante.”   You shut up and crawl under the covers, also not getting undressed.   There seemed to be little point since you were going to be up as soon as Masaru falls asleep.

As you lay there waiting for Masaru to fall asleep, you worry that Masaru will hate you now.   He is the closest thing you have to a best friend and you entangled him in a drug deal, almost got him arrested, and put him in a situation where he had to kill someone.  That doesn’t even include the fact you were making out with his fiancé.  You weren’t a very good friend.  It was definitely a dick move, as Masaru would put it.

You roll over and adjust your pillow.   The bed was rather nice and soft, maybe you’ll give Haythem the package tomorrow.   Was there really a rush? you think as you begin to doze off.     You are jolted awake when you hear the window lock click open.  A dark figure can be seen outside of the window in the predawn light.  You are uncertain how long you have been asleep. The threads of fate did not warn you of any danger, but you can never be too sure.

What do you do?

  • Pretend to be asleep.
  • Wake up Masaru and warn him
  • Move outside of fate and observe what the figure is doing
  • Grab your sword
  • Other