48 – Indecision

You shiver in the cold water.   Most Celestial gods hate being in Creation and try to limit their time here, if they have to go at all.  Thus you assumed that the Bureau Mole headed back to Yu-Shan right after dumping the body.   What if he didn’t and he is standing right there watching you and your friends?  Though, if it was the Bureau Mole, wouldn’t he have attacked by now?   Why waste all that effort hiding the body, just to stand by and watch someone recover it?

Perhaps Aiko is right and it is just a curious Terrestrial God.   You wish you could talk on the wind like your Dragon blooded friends.  You could ask Aiko what the god looked like.  Of course instead of playing what if, you could talk to the god yourself.  As a Sidereal, you have many ways to deal with uncooperative gods.

Then you remember watching the mercenary kill herself.   But this time, instead of the mercenary, it is Chiyoko gutting herself.  As the bloody knife falls from her hand, she looks at you and asks “Why?”   You sink deeper, until the water covers your nose.  Startled, you force yourself to relax and push the painful image out of your mind.  If you are wrong, something can happen to Chiyoko.  You cannot allow anything to happen to Chiyoko.

Yet, if you didn’t confront the god and it was Bureau Mole, what would happen?   Will he run and escape justice?  Will he race back to Yu-Shan with some lie about you?   Your mind races with one terrible possibility after another, but one thing was clear.  This is your problem.  You will not drag your friends any further into this situation.  It was you the Bureau Mole wanted.   If this god was the Bureau Mole, then there was a good chance that it would follow you.  After your friends are safely back in their dorms, behind the school wards, you can confront the god on your own.

You watch Masaru’s anima underwater, willing him to hurry.   Suddenly, the body floats up to the surface.   You swim over to the body and drag it to the dock.  Aiko leans over to help haul the body out of the water.  Chiyoko is standing watch, hand on her sword.   If the god was going to attack now would be the ideal time.  You concentrate on the thread of fate and find none of the vibrations that proceed impending battle.

Masaru surfaces.  He sticks his tongue out, trying to get the bad taste out of his mouth.

“That bad?” you ask.


“I owe you one, Masaru.”  You are grateful for Masaru’s help.  It would have taken you a long time to work the crate open having to come up for air.

“Don’t worry about it.”   He replies listlessly.  Without another word, Masaru swims over to the dock.  You hope that you haven’t pushed Masaru too far.   You follow the water aspect and climb back onto the dock.   You walk over to your piles of clothes and start to get dressed  .

“Where is the coin?” you ask Aiko, as you pull your shirt over your head.
“It’s a couple of blocks away.   Your friend is no longer in the same room with it.”

“Hey,” Masaru interrupts.  “What are we going to do with this thing?”  He points at the body.  “We can’t bring it back to the dorm.”

What are you going to do with the body?

  • Convince Masaru to bring the body back to the dorm
  • Bring body back to Yu-Shan
  • Bring body to where the coin (and hopefully Haythem) is
  • Hide body at the dock and just take the knife with you.
  • Other

((  I asked the virtue question because in my mind Svante has both a high Compassion and Valor.  This is probably the first time this has come into conflict.   Of course after I asked it, I found a solution that would be a happy medium between Svante’s Compassion and Valor.  ))