46 – Whispers

Still confused as to what happened after eavesdropping on everyone’s conversation, you look around again for Haythem. Where was he and the other Mercenary? You consider listening to get more information, but the longer this situation continues, the more likely the school will be informed. You have to do something now to save your Dragon blooded friends.

You walk back over to the man taking detailed notes on Chiyoko’s story. “We saved that god blood’s life.” Chiyoko points at a very pale looking Ika. “Do you want to explain to our parents why we were arrested afterwards? My father will not be pleased.”

You stand on your tip toes and whisper into the man’s ear. “She’s right. Let her and her circle be on her way.”

The man slows in his writing and then closes his book. “Let me talk to my chief and see what we can do to speed you and your circle on your way. “

The man walks over to the older woman talking to Masaru. The chief motions to another man to watch over the Water Aspect. She leads the man a few feet away to have a private discussion. You follow

“I think we should let them go. We can get into a lot of trouble locking the dragon blooded children up if we are wrong.” The man fiddles with his notebook when he says this.

“Let them go?” The chief purses her lips. “We have procedures in place to protect us in this sort of situation. We cannot have the Dragon blooded students run wild all over Vanchow. Yes, they are younger than the usual group of rowdy students, but… Wait, did the girl use charms on you? ”

“No. It’s just that they are so young. I’d hate to put them into lock up until the school retrieves them in the morning.” The man replies, as he puts his notebook in his pocket.

The chief wasn’t going to release your friends. “It wouldn’t hurt to bend the rules this time. Let them go.“ You whisper in the chief’s ear. You feel your caste mark start to glitter on your forehead.

The chief sighs, “It wouldn’t hurt to bend the rules this time, as this is their first infraction. Let them go back to their dorms.”

The man questioning Aiko wanders over. “Is that a good idea? We got a dead body with Anima Flux wounds, a badly injured child of who knows what deity, and witnesses who saw a blood ape rampage through a now burning bar. The sorcerer girl claims there was a homeless and a mercenary involved also but no one else remember seeing them. What would we tell the Magistrate what happened here?“

The chief rubs her forehead in frustration. “We have the god-blood. Witnesses say that she was the one that set the fire and we found stolen goods in her bag. Arrest her and let the children go.”

What do you do?

  • Get the authorities to release Ika too. Rikali wouldn’t just leave her there.
  • Go get the dead body out of the harbor. Finding the Bureau Mole should be your first priority
  • Figure out where Haythem and the Mercenary went. Who know what other trouble the idiot Oracle can cause?
  • Head back to the dorms. It’s late, your dragon blooded friends almost got arrested. You are so done with this shit.
  • Other

(( OOC: I figured out a way out of my plot hole! Huzzah! ))