45 – On Fire

You look down at the murky water and consider how to go about retrieving the body. You are a strong swimmer, but you dread going down into the dark cold water of the harbor. The water of this harbor is nothing like the clean turquoise waters of the West. Who knows how many other bodies (or Maidens knows what else) have been dumped here?

You sit on the dock and swing your legs over the water as you consider your options. You don’t see any of the lifts, pulleys, or carts used in Creation to load boats. Suddenly you have an idea. Masaru is a Water Aspect. He can breathe, even walk on, water. You can ask Masaru to help you retrieve the body.

With a plan in mind, you stand up and start to head back to the bar. You put your hands in your pockets, whistling as you go. You are feeling pretty smart right about now. You have found the leak in the Bureau of Destiny. You even have evidence proving you found the leak, if you can convince Masaru to help you get the body. And tomorrow you be going to the tournament with Chiyoko.

You imagine Chiyoko telling you how brave and smart you are. Elder Kejak pats you on the back, “we need more Sidereals like you, Svante”. Haythem says, “Svante, you saved my ass.” Akachi… it was probably best if Akachi didn’t find out about what happened tonight. He might hire bodyguard’s trail you, like Chiyoko’s father did with her. You’re sure Elder Kejak and Haythem can keep a…

The smell of smoke distracts you from your daydream. You look up and see a large crimson lit cloud bellowing from the direction of the bar. “No way,” you start to run.

When you get to the bar, it is on fire. Was there a fight and Chiyoko’s anima start the fire? The patrons are milling in a large crowd outside, watching it burn. You manage to find a way through the crowd and find you find your Dragon blooded friends being questioned separately by members of the local authorities. None of the adults talking to your friends have aspect markings, so the school has not been told yet.

Chiyoko seems to be doing most of the talking with the magistrate questioning her. You walk closer and overhear her saying, “and we went into the restaurant looking for directions and these horrible men attacked this woman. Of course we had to intervene. Would we be worth of the dragons had we stood by and let her die? Suppose it was a member of your family….“

You hear man questioning Aiko say “Blood Apes” and you walk over to her. “You summoned the blood ape?” The man asks.

“Yes.” Aiko replies sullenly.

“Aren’t you young to be a sorcerer?”

“No, I’m on the registry. Do you even have access to the sorcerer’s registry? Anyways, why are you talking to me? You should be looking for the other mercenary. ” The man rubs his face at Aiko’s comment and pretends to look over his notes.

Masaru has his head in his hands, not speaking at all to the woman gently talking to him. His is the only anima flared. “Do you have a name?” Masaru doesn’t answer. “I’m trying to help you. It would be easier if I knew your name. You aren’t going to get in trouble.”

Ika is sitting on the curb, looking pale. Her clothes are covered in blood. There is a bruise forming down the side of her face and a medic is patching up a bloody wound on her arm. The owner of the bar is screaming at Ika about her burning down his bar. Ika wearily looks up at the barkeep and makes a rude gesture at him. The magistrate’s guards forced to hold the barkeep back from physical attacking the feathered haired woman.

There is a dead mercenary, covered in cloth, laying on the ground. Haythem and the other mercenary are not in sight.

“There are anima flux burns on that man’s body. I need to know what happened so I can help you. Was there anyone else here?“ You hear the woman tell Masaru.

“No.” Masaru finally answers.

What do you do?

  • See if you can talk the authorities into letting your Dragon blooded friends go
  • Race to the school to find the Chuzei and tell him your side of the story before news of this gets to him.
  • Go to Yu-Shan to find a responsible adult Sidereal that the authorities will listen to.
  • Find Haythem and/or the missing mercenary.
  • Other

((OOC: I feel like I railroaded you guys in the last post with the whole Masaru thing. So I gave you lots of options for this next post. Of course I also gave you lots of problems to deal with. ))

((Updated with more eavesdropping! ))