44 – The Harbor Docks

You need to follow the god and see where he dumps the mercenary’s body.      You reluctantly force yourself out of the safety of the dark alley and look around to discover that the god is nowhere in sight.   You don’t have much time.   As soon as the god disposes of the body, he will dematerialize and you will not be able to find him without exposing yourself.   You try to think of where you would dump a body if you were a murderer.   A humid breeze carries the stench of rotting wood and salt come from the harbor.  You head for the docks.

There are few people milling around the harbor docks this time of night.   A group of drunken sailors stand nearby one of the merchant ships, helping a fellow sailor stand upright as he pukes on the street.  You head away from the sailors to the more deserted areas of the docks.   The god would not want to be seen by anyone when he dumps the body.  You almost give up your search when you find the god shoving the canvas wrapped body into a large crate.   He slides the cover back on the crate and with a groan, he begins to shove the crate off the dock.

You know that the god cannot see you, but your heart still pounds in fear as you approach the murderous deity.    You need to find everything you can about this god before he dematerializes.  You close your eyes and listen for the vibrations the god makes as his actions influence the loom.  You hear nothing but silence.  The god does not have a presence on the loom.   Haythem said that he could not track the god with charms.     Apparently this was not incompetence on the Haythem’s part, but something to do with the god.

With a splash, the crate hits the harbor water.   The god rubs his palms and notices that his hearthstone is exposed.   The pendent is no longer glowing purple, instead sparks of rainbow light swirl around the god’s hearthstone.  He quickly tucks his hearthstone pendent back into his robes and then dematerializes.

You walk to the edge of the dock and look down.   You cannot see the crate in the dark, murky water of the harbor.

What do you do now?

  • Try to open the crate and fish the body out of the harbor by yourself.
  • Head for the Yu-Shan gate and tell someone what you found
  • Head back to the bar and see what is going on with the others
  • Other

((OOC:  There is a really easy way to get to the body involving the art of delegation.  😉  ))