42 – Spit

“Yeah…. Nothing can go wrong with that plan.” You comment sarcastically. Why are all adults so stupid? It’s up to you to think of a plan. You remember a spell you read in the White Treatise. “How about you cast Coin of Distant Vision, and hide it inside the package. Then you can track where the mercenaries go after that.”

“That would work if I was a sorcerer… Wait a minute, how do you know about that spell?” Haythem looks at you suspiciously.

“You aren’t a sorcerer?” You were surprised. Most of the older Sidereals were initiated Sorcerers.

“My Trail of Fire didn’t go so hot. Don’t change the subject, Svante. How do you know about the spell?” Haythem asks sternly.

“Aiko can cast it. She was the one that told me about the spell.” You lie. You really hoped she could cast it. You leave Haythem next to his crate and walk on over to where the girl was impatiently waiting.

“Well?” Aiko asks annoyed. “Is he going to deliver it?”

“Yeah… There is a complication. He’s a Sidereal like me.”

“Maidens, Svante. It’s hard to be undercover when you tell everyone.” You jump when you hear Haythem voice behind you. You didn’t hear the Oracle follow you.

“Really?” Aiko examines Haythem with interest and then wrinkles her nose. “If he is a Sidereal, why does he smell so bad?’

“If you are going to be a bum, you might as well go all the way.” Haythem explains.

You wince in embarrassment. Haythem wasn’t making the best impression. “I need you to cast the Coin of Distant Vision. We will sneak it into the package to track where the mercenaries take it.”

“Wait. Are we on a secret mission now?” Aiko’s eyes widen in excitement.

“You betcha, girl!” Haythem answers brightly.

“That is so cool.” Aiko spits in her palm and closes her eyes to focus. A small black coin with arcane runes appears in her hand. “Here you go.” Aiko presents spit covered coin out to you.

You really don’t want to touch a coin made of Aiko’s spit. You hold out the package to Aiko. “How about you put in the package? That way you can place it in the best place.”

Aiko smirks and opens the package to place the coin inside. She hands the package over to Haythem. “Please be careful with the package. The coin can be used as an arcane link to me.”

“I’ll be careful.” Haythem assures Aiko as he tosses the package in to the air and catches it again. “So, who am I delivering this to?”

“There is a feathered hair woman sitting at the bar. Give the package to her.” You say.

“Wait… You are telling me you are delivering drugs to Ika?!? “ Haythem rolls his eyes up to the night sky. “Why do you bitches hate me so much?” The oracle sighs dejectedly and heads towards the bar.

You and Aiko wait in awkward silence, as Haythem argues with the bouncer to let him in. Aiko wipes her spit covered hand on your shirt.

“What the fuck! That’s disgusting!” You back away from the girl and examine your shirt sleeve to see how wet it is.

Aiko snickers. “What? I needed to clean my hand off.”

“Use your own shirt.”

“It’s just a little spit.”

Sometimes you think Aiko is difficult on purpose. “Let’s focus on the mission. Haythem is inside. What is going on with the package?”

“Oh yeah.” Aiko closes her eyes. You keep an eye on the comings and goings around the bar.

“Shit. Ika and your Sidereal friend are arguing.”

“What?” Was Haythem going to throw off the plan? “What are they arguing about?”

“Someone named Rikali?” Aiko closes her eyes again. “They are attracting attention. The bouncer is going to throw the bum out. “

“Where is the package?”

“It’s on the floor next to Ika’s bag.” Aiko answers.

You sigh. “Are we going to be this stupid when we grow up?”

“Dragons, I hope not.” Aiko replies vehemently.

The bar door opens. Instead of Haythem, the mercenary leader and her partner emerge.

You grab Aiko by her sleeve and hide deeper into the shadows. “Do they have the coin with them?” you whisper to Aiko


“Shit.” You watch the two mercenaries walk away from the bar.

What do you do?

  • Walk outside of fate and follow the mercenaries.
  • Go into the bar and see what the fuck is going on with the adults.
  • Other