40 – The Bum

You are in shock after this conversation.   Ika wouldn’t sell you to Trailing Sorrow’s friends, would she?   You realize that you really don’t know much about Ika, though the conversation you just heard was rather enlightening.   A criminal.   You shouldn’t be surprised as she was smuggling illegal goods into Creation.  No wonder she and the Owl haven’t talked in years.

Either way, the best way to get out of this situation is to pass off the Cocaine and head back to the dorms.   Go with Chiyoko to the Martial Arts Tournament and when you get home, talk to Sasha about the situation with Trailing Sorrows.  No need to drag your Dragon blooded friends into this mess.

You wish you had a way to communicate with Chiyoko about your intentions, but you dare not risk coming back into fate inside the bar with the mercenaries around.   When the next group of customers leave the bar, you slip out with them.    You walk towards Aiko, who is standing across the street looking bored.  After you cross the street, you smell dried blood.

“You called the blood ape here?”  Of course, Aiko would find any excuse to call her blood ape.

Aiko is startled by your sudden appearance.  “Chiyoko asked me to.   She said there were mercenaries looking for you.”

“I need you to tell Chiyoko to come outside.  Where is Masaru?”

“At the backdoor.  The mercenary that left the bar is keeping watch on it.”

“We are going to give the dust to Ika and get out of here.”

Aiko digs the package, now wrapped in an old towel, out of her bag.   “How are we going to get the stuff to Ika?   Do you want me to drop it off?”

“No, I was thinking I’d pay some homeless person to deliver it.  The mortal won’t remember that who I am and there is no way to track it back to us.”

Aiko considers this and nods in agreement.   “There are bums all over this side of town.  There is even one in a crate at the end of the block.”

“Great.”  You take the package and walk over to the end of the block.   You see a set of bare feet sticking out of one of the wooden crates.  As your approach the crate, you get the overpowering stench of unwashed body and cheap liquor.

“Hello?”  you ask uncertainly.   You suppress the urge to cover your nose.  Maybe this was a bad idea.

“Leave me be.  I ain’t dun nothing to you.”   The bum slurs as he retreats further into his crate.

“I don’t mean to bug you, but I need you to do me a favor.”

“Favor? ….  Wait a minute.  Svante?”  The drunken slur falls from the bum’s voice and he pokes his head out of the crate to get a good look at you.   You meet the bum’s green eyes and realize that he was Haythem, Wanahton’s Sifu.  “Shit, Svante.  It is you.”

Fuck!  “What are you doing here, Haythem?”  you try to ask casually as if you weren’t just going to ask the Sidereal to deliver cocaine for you.

“I’m working.  What are you doing here, Svante?  This is not a good place for you to be.”

What are you doing here?

  • Nothing! *hide package of cocaine behind your back*
  • Tell Haytham everything about Ika, the mercenaries, and Trailing Sorrow’s Associates
  • I’m doing a favor for a friend. Hey, can you deliver this package to the bar across the street?
  • Other