45 – On Fire

You look down at the murky water and consider how to go about retrieving the body. You are a strong swimmer, but you dread going down into the dark cold water of the harbor. The water of this harbor is nothing like the clean turquoise waters of the West. Who knows how many other bodies (or Maidens knows what else) have been dumped here?

You sit on the dock and swing your legs over the water as you consider your options. You don’t see any of the lifts, pulleys, or carts used in Creation to load boats. Suddenly you have an idea. Masaru is a Water Aspect. He can breathe, even walk on, water. You can ask Masaru to help you retrieve the body.

With a plan in mind, you stand up and start to head back to the bar. You put your hands in your pockets, whistling as you go. You are feeling pretty smart right about now. You have found the leak in the Bureau of Destiny. You even have evidence proving you found the leak, if you can convince Masaru to help you get the body. And tomorrow you be going to the tournament with Chiyoko.

You imagine Chiyoko telling you how brave and smart you are. Elder Kejak pats you on the back, “we need more Sidereals like you, Svante”. Haythem says, “Svante, you saved my ass.” Akachi… it was probably best if Akachi didn’t find out about what happened tonight. He might hire bodyguard’s trail you, like Chiyoko’s father did with her. You’re sure Elder Kejak and Haythem can keep a…

The smell of smoke distracts you from your daydream. You look up and see a large crimson lit cloud bellowing from the direction of the bar. “No way,” you start to run.

When you get to the bar, it is on fire. Was there a fight and Chiyoko’s anima start the fire? The patrons are milling in a large crowd outside, watching it burn. You manage to find a way through the crowd and find you find your Dragon blooded friends being questioned separately by members of the local authorities. None of the adults talking to your friends have aspect markings, so the school has not been told yet.

Chiyoko seems to be doing most of the talking with the magistrate questioning her. You walk closer and overhear her saying, “and we went into the restaurant looking for directions and these horrible men attacked this woman. Of course we had to intervene. Would we be worth of the dragons had we stood by and let her die? Suppose it was a member of your family….“

You hear man questioning Aiko say “Blood Apes” and you walk over to her. “You summoned the blood ape?” The man asks.

“Yes.” Aiko replies sullenly.

“Aren’t you young to be a sorcerer?”

“No, I’m on the registry. Do you even have access to the sorcerer’s registry? Anyways, why are you talking to me? You should be looking for the other mercenary. ” The man rubs his face at Aiko’s comment and pretends to look over his notes.

Masaru has his head in his hands, not speaking at all to the woman gently talking to him. His is the only anima flared. “Do you have a name?” Masaru doesn’t answer. “I’m trying to help you. It would be easier if I knew your name. You aren’t going to get in trouble.”

Ika is sitting on the curb, looking pale. Her clothes are covered in blood. There is a bruise forming down the side of her face and a medic is patching up a bloody wound on her arm. The owner of the bar is screaming at Ika about her burning down his bar. Ika wearily looks up at the barkeep and makes a rude gesture at him. The magistrate’s guards forced to hold the barkeep back from physical attacking the feathered haired woman.

There is a dead mercenary, covered in cloth, laying on the ground. Haythem and the other mercenary are not in sight.

“There are anima flux burns on that man’s body. I need to know what happened so I can help you. Was there anyone else here?“ You hear the woman tell Masaru.

“No.” Masaru finally answers.

What do you do?

  • See if you can talk the authorities into letting your Dragon blooded friends go
  • Race to the school to find the Chuzei and tell him your side of the story before news of this gets to him.
  • Go to Yu-Shan to find a responsible adult Sidereal that the authorities will listen to.
  • Find Haythem and/or the missing mercenary.
  • Other

((OOC: I feel like I railroaded you guys in the last post with the whole Masaru thing. So I gave you lots of options for this next post. Of course I also gave you lots of problems to deal with. ))

((Updated with more eavesdropping! ))

44 – The Harbor Docks

You need to follow the god and see where he dumps the mercenary’s body.      You reluctantly force yourself out of the safety of the dark alley and look around to discover that the god is nowhere in sight.   You don’t have much time.   As soon as the god disposes of the body, he will dematerialize and you will not be able to find him without exposing yourself.   You try to think of where you would dump a body if you were a murderer.   A humid breeze carries the stench of rotting wood and salt come from the harbor.  You head for the docks.

There are few people milling around the harbor docks this time of night.   A group of drunken sailors stand nearby one of the merchant ships, helping a fellow sailor stand upright as he pukes on the street.  You head away from the sailors to the more deserted areas of the docks.   The god would not want to be seen by anyone when he dumps the body.  You almost give up your search when you find the god shoving the canvas wrapped body into a large crate.   He slides the cover back on the crate and with a groan, he begins to shove the crate off the dock.

You know that the god cannot see you, but your heart still pounds in fear as you approach the murderous deity.    You need to find everything you can about this god before he dematerializes.  You close your eyes and listen for the vibrations the god makes as his actions influence the loom.  You hear nothing but silence.  The god does not have a presence on the loom.   Haythem said that he could not track the god with charms.     Apparently this was not incompetence on the Haythem’s part, but something to do with the god.

With a splash, the crate hits the harbor water.   The god rubs his palms and notices that his hearthstone is exposed.   The pendent is no longer glowing purple, instead sparks of rainbow light swirl around the god’s hearthstone.  He quickly tucks his hearthstone pendent back into his robes and then dematerializes.

You walk to the edge of the dock and look down.   You cannot see the crate in the dark, murky water of the harbor.

What do you do now?

  • Try to open the crate and fish the body out of the harbor by yourself.
  • Head for the Yu-Shan gate and tell someone what you found
  • Head back to the bar and see what is going on with the others
  • Other

((OOC:  There is a really easy way to get to the body involving the art of delegation.  😉  ))

43 – Loose Ends

You now know understand why you weren’t allowed to spend much time with Haythem.   The man was so stupid, it’s a wonder that Jupiter bothered exalting him.   How was this man Wanahton’s Sifu?  You sigh as you realize that if Haythem’s mission was to figure out who kidnapped you, then it would help you if he succeeded.

“Are they trying to kill each other?”    Your life might be easier if they did kill each other.

“No,” Aiko stops concentrating on the coin and says, “You are going to follow the mercenaries?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

“Go.  You are the only one that can follow them without being tracked.  We can handle things here.”

You look towards the bar were Chiyoko was sitting alone.  You said that you’d be right back.  You didn’t really like the idea of leaving Chiyoko in the bar with two idiots and the second mercenary.

Aiko grabs your shoulder.   “I’m not going to let anything happen to Chiyoko.  Now go!”  She shoves you in the direction the mercenaries were walking.  “If you wait any longer you will lose them.”

“Okay. Okay!”   You quickly walk away from Aiko and step outside of Fate.   You run to catch up with the mercenaries and just avoid running into one of the mercenaries as you turn a corner.    You consider following that mercenary back to the bar, but decide to move forward.   The possessed mercenary was the one that you needed to follow.  You have to trust Chiyoko and the others to take care of themselves.

You follow the possessed mercenary as she walks further and further into the more dangerous parts of town.  As she walks along the docks that line the harbor, the possessed mercenary will occasionally stumble and fall.   Once she even whimpered as she picked herself back up after scraping up her arm.  Eventually, she turns down a dark alley.    You stop at the mouth of the alley for a moment.   The alley is unlit and smells like rotting cabbage.   A rat scurries towards the streets, disturbed by whatever the mercenary is doing.   You cautiously enter the ally.

You find the possessed mercenary prying out a loose stone on one of the buildings.   She pulls out a heavy canvas tarp.   The mercenary lays the tarp down on the dirty alley street.   The lack of light forces you to move closer, as you are confused as to what exactly the possessed mercenary is doing.   She kneels down on the tarp and removes her belt knife.

You watch in horror as the possessed mercenary suddenly guts herself with the knife.   You back into the wall of the building behind you and place a hand over your mouth to stifle your scream.    The mercenary falls to her side and you can smell blood and shit as she bleeds out onto the tarp.   You taste blood and almost freak out until you realize that you bit your own hand.   Still in shock, you watch as a god rises from the body of the mercenary.   He is dressed in the fine rich robes of a clerk of the Celestial Bureaucracy.  He steps daintily around the pools of blood to avoid getting his shoes dirty.

As soon as he leaves her body, the woman starts to sob.  The god shushes the woman, as if he is her father, not her murderer.   “It won’t be much longer. “  The god picks up the bloody knife from where the woman dropped it.   A purple glowing hearthstone pendant falls out of his robes as he bends over.

“No more pain.”   The clerk says, as he slits the woman’s throat.  “No more loose ends.”    He drops the knife on the tarp and wipes his hands clean on one corner.   Starting with the bloody corner, the god rolls up the corpse of the woman.   With a groan, the godly clerk heaves the tarp on to his back.   “This was so much easier when Trailing Sorrows was around to do the dirty work.”   He carries the corpse away in the direction of the harbor.

You hide in the shadows of the dark alley, shivering despite the warm night air.   You have sat in on a few conversations with Sasha and other Chosen of Endings when they talk about death.   After hearing their discussions, you walk away knowing that death is part of the natural order of life.   That death is not a scary thing and it is possible to die with dignity.

There was no dignity in this woman’s death.  No dignity in bleeding out in a dark alley, betrayed by the god you worship.

As you calm yourself down, you realize that you have seen that god before.   When you were searching for Nanny when she was kidnapped, he was the god that stuck his head out of his apartment.    You thought he was some random god that lived there.   Instead he was working with Trailing Sorrows.

And you bet he works for the Bureau of Destiny, too.

What do you do?

  • Try to follow the god and see where he drops the body
  • Head back to the bar and see what the others are doing. Tell Haythem you know who the spy is
  • Head back to the bar and see what the others are doing. Don’t tell Haythem you know who the spy is.  You’ll report that yourself
  • Make a beeline for the Yu-Shan gate. This is too important to wait.
  • Other

42 – Spit

“Yeah…. Nothing can go wrong with that plan.” You comment sarcastically. Why are all adults so stupid? It’s up to you to think of a plan. You remember a spell you read in the White Treatise. “How about you cast Coin of Distant Vision, and hide it inside the package. Then you can track where the mercenaries go after that.”

“That would work if I was a sorcerer… Wait a minute, how do you know about that spell?” Haythem looks at you suspiciously.

“You aren’t a sorcerer?” You were surprised. Most of the older Sidereals were initiated Sorcerers.

“My Trail of Fire didn’t go so hot. Don’t change the subject, Svante. How do you know about the spell?” Haythem asks sternly.

“Aiko can cast it. She was the one that told me about the spell.” You lie. You really hoped she could cast it. You leave Haythem next to his crate and walk on over to where the girl was impatiently waiting.

“Well?” Aiko asks annoyed. “Is he going to deliver it?”

“Yeah… There is a complication. He’s a Sidereal like me.”

“Maidens, Svante. It’s hard to be undercover when you tell everyone.” You jump when you hear Haythem voice behind you. You didn’t hear the Oracle follow you.

“Really?” Aiko examines Haythem with interest and then wrinkles her nose. “If he is a Sidereal, why does he smell so bad?’

“If you are going to be a bum, you might as well go all the way.” Haythem explains.

You wince in embarrassment. Haythem wasn’t making the best impression. “I need you to cast the Coin of Distant Vision. We will sneak it into the package to track where the mercenaries take it.”

“Wait. Are we on a secret mission now?” Aiko’s eyes widen in excitement.

“You betcha, girl!” Haythem answers brightly.

“That is so cool.” Aiko spits in her palm and closes her eyes to focus. A small black coin with arcane runes appears in her hand. “Here you go.” Aiko presents spit covered coin out to you.

You really don’t want to touch a coin made of Aiko’s spit. You hold out the package to Aiko. “How about you put in the package? That way you can place it in the best place.”

Aiko smirks and opens the package to place the coin inside. She hands the package over to Haythem. “Please be careful with the package. The coin can be used as an arcane link to me.”

“I’ll be careful.” Haythem assures Aiko as he tosses the package in to the air and catches it again. “So, who am I delivering this to?”

“There is a feathered hair woman sitting at the bar. Give the package to her.” You say.

“Wait… You are telling me you are delivering drugs to Ika?!? “ Haythem rolls his eyes up to the night sky. “Why do you bitches hate me so much?” The oracle sighs dejectedly and heads towards the bar.

You and Aiko wait in awkward silence, as Haythem argues with the bouncer to let him in. Aiko wipes her spit covered hand on your shirt.

“What the fuck! That’s disgusting!” You back away from the girl and examine your shirt sleeve to see how wet it is.

Aiko snickers. “What? I needed to clean my hand off.”

“Use your own shirt.”

“It’s just a little spit.”

Sometimes you think Aiko is difficult on purpose. “Let’s focus on the mission. Haythem is inside. What is going on with the package?”

“Oh yeah.” Aiko closes her eyes. You keep an eye on the comings and goings around the bar.

“Shit. Ika and your Sidereal friend are arguing.”

“What?” Was Haythem going to throw off the plan? “What are they arguing about?”

“Someone named Rikali?” Aiko closes her eyes again. “They are attracting attention. The bouncer is going to throw the bum out. “

“Where is the package?”

“It’s on the floor next to Ika’s bag.” Aiko answers.

You sigh. “Are we going to be this stupid when we grow up?”

“Dragons, I hope not.” Aiko replies vehemently.

The bar door opens. Instead of Haythem, the mercenary leader and her partner emerge.

You grab Aiko by her sleeve and hide deeper into the shadows. “Do they have the coin with them?” you whisper to Aiko


“Shit.” You watch the two mercenaries walk away from the bar.

What do you do?

  • Walk outside of fate and follow the mercenaries.
  • Go into the bar and see what the fuck is going on with the adults.
  • Other

41 – Plans

“Umm…”  You try to think up a way to explain why you are here without getting in trouble.   Then you realize that if Haytham is here on a mission, then maybe he is investigating Ika and the mercenaries.   You need to find out what Haytham’s mission is to be sure.

“My friends and I stumbled across a drug smuggling operation and decided to investigate.  We tracked them to this bar.  We are in the process of collecting enough evidence to go to the Magistrate’s office.“  You added that last part to seem more responsible.   You weren’t going to do anything rash, like deliver cocaine to a smuggler in a dive bar in a bad part of town.

“Wow.  How exciting!   That’s a real Oracle work right there!”   Your hands tightly squeeze the cocaine packet behind your back at the other Sidereal’s patronizing tone.  You are starting to realize why Sasha doesn’t like Haytham.

You take a deep breath and calm yourself down.  You still haven’t figured out what Haytham’s mission is.  “What are you doing here? “

“Me? “  Haytham shrugs.  “You might say that in a roundabout way, I’m investigating your kidnapping.  ”

“Oh!  You mean the mercenaries in the bar?”  Why did no one mentioned to you that there was investigations going on into your kidnapping?  You were the one that was kidnapped.  You have a right to know.

“They didn’t see you, did they?”  Haytham nervously glances back at the bar.

“No.   I was walking Outside of Fate when they came in.”

“Good boy!  I don’t want this to turn into a rescue mission.  Elder Akachi would hang me by my testicles, if anything happened to you.“ Haytham runs his hand though his hair.   “Let’s not push our luck.  You and your little friends should get out of here before you are seen.”

“But, we aren’t done with our investigation!”  And you still need to deliver the cocaine.

“Svante, I know you and your friends are playing a game, but this is serious…”

“A game!”  Your pride is hurt.  “No!  There is really a drug deal going down in the bar. See!”  You hold out the wrapped packet of cocaine.

With a confused look, Haytham exposes the package in your hand.   His eyes widen when he sees what it is.  “It can’t be.”  He pokes his finger into the package and rubs his dust covered fingers together.  “No way!”  He puts his finger to his mouth and tastes the cocaine.  “Shit!  That’s some pure shit.  Where did you get it, Svante?”

“It doesn’t matter where I got it.”   You say, not wanting to tell Haytham about Ika.   “I just need to deliver it to someone inside.”

“You are doing the drug deal?!”  Haytham bursts out laughing.  “Oh gods.  Jupiter sure knows how to pick ‘em!”

“How long does it take to get a bum to deliver something?” Aiko’s annoyed voice fills your ears.   “Do you need me to do it for you?”

“Shit.”   You are running out of time.  “I am not doing a drug deal, I’m just getting rid of it.  Can you deliver this to someone inside the bar?  I can’t do it myself because the mercenaries are looking for me.”

“Shit, if you need to get rid of it, I’ll buy it off of you.”

What would Haytham want with Cocaine?  “Why don’t you just take it inside and we will go home and you can figure out who kidnapped me?”

“Wait!  I have an idea.”  Haytham paces for a moment, mumbling to himself.  “Yes.  That might work.  It’s risky, but then no risk no reward.”

The Oracle turns back to you.  “Svante, I believe you just might be the solution to a problem I’ve been having.   You see, I’ve been trailing these mercenaries for weeks, hoping that they will lead me back to whatever goddess they worship.   “

You are confused.  “How am I supposed to help you track her down?  Can’t you just use charms?”

“No.  Whoever this goddess is, she has been covering her tracks well.  Which makes sense if she works in the Bureau of Destiny.  She knows how Sidereals operate.  That is where you come in.“   He takes you by the shoulders.  “Svante, I need you to deliver the cocaine.”

“What!  No!  The mercenaries are going to see me and try to kidnap me.”

“I know!   And they will take you to the goddess!  See!  The plan is brilliant!”  Haytham looks pleased with himself.

“Except for the me getting kidnapped part.”

“Don’t worry about that.  I’ll be walking outside of fate with you the whole way.   And then when we find the goddess, we will interrogate her and bring her back to Yu Shan.   The bureau rat will be found.   You’ll be safe from any future kidnapping attempts.  And I’ll finally be able to take a bath.”

What do you?

  • Go along with Haytham’s plan. If this goddess is responsible for your and Nanny’s kidnapping, you want some payback
  • Convince Haytham that he should deliver the package. Haytham is crazy if he thinks you are going to get yourself kidnapped again.
  • Go with the original plan of finding a bum to deliver the package. The next bum you find can’t be a Sidereal, too.
  • Other

40 – The Bum

You are in shock after this conversation.   Ika wouldn’t sell you to Trailing Sorrow’s friends, would she?   You realize that you really don’t know much about Ika, though the conversation you just heard was rather enlightening.   A criminal.   You shouldn’t be surprised as she was smuggling illegal goods into Creation.  No wonder she and the Owl haven’t talked in years.

Either way, the best way to get out of this situation is to pass off the Cocaine and head back to the dorms.   Go with Chiyoko to the Martial Arts Tournament and when you get home, talk to Sasha about the situation with Trailing Sorrows.  No need to drag your Dragon blooded friends into this mess.

You wish you had a way to communicate with Chiyoko about your intentions, but you dare not risk coming back into fate inside the bar with the mercenaries around.   When the next group of customers leave the bar, you slip out with them.    You walk towards Aiko, who is standing across the street looking bored.  After you cross the street, you smell dried blood.

“You called the blood ape here?”  Of course, Aiko would find any excuse to call her blood ape.

Aiko is startled by your sudden appearance.  “Chiyoko asked me to.   She said there were mercenaries looking for you.”

“I need you to tell Chiyoko to come outside.  Where is Masaru?”

“At the backdoor.  The mercenary that left the bar is keeping watch on it.”

“We are going to give the dust to Ika and get out of here.”

Aiko digs the package, now wrapped in an old towel, out of her bag.   “How are we going to get the stuff to Ika?   Do you want me to drop it off?”

“No, I was thinking I’d pay some homeless person to deliver it.  The mortal won’t remember that who I am and there is no way to track it back to us.”

Aiko considers this and nods in agreement.   “There are bums all over this side of town.  There is even one in a crate at the end of the block.”

“Great.”  You take the package and walk over to the end of the block.   You see a set of bare feet sticking out of one of the wooden crates.  As your approach the crate, you get the overpowering stench of unwashed body and cheap liquor.

“Hello?”  you ask uncertainly.   You suppress the urge to cover your nose.  Maybe this was a bad idea.

“Leave me be.  I ain’t dun nothing to you.”   The bum slurs as he retreats further into his crate.

“I don’t mean to bug you, but I need you to do me a favor.”

“Favor? ….  Wait a minute.  Svante?”  The drunken slur falls from the bum’s voice and he pokes his head out of the crate to get a good look at you.   You meet the bum’s green eyes and realize that he was Haythem, Wanahton’s Sifu.  “Shit, Svante.  It is you.”

Fuck!  “What are you doing here, Haythem?”  you try to ask casually as if you weren’t just going to ask the Sidereal to deliver cocaine for you.

“I’m working.  What are you doing here, Svante?  This is not a good place for you to be.”

What are you doing here?

  • Nothing! *hide package of cocaine behind your back*
  • Tell Haytham everything about Ika, the mercenaries, and Trailing Sorrow’s Associates
  • I’m doing a favor for a friend. Hey, can you deliver this package to the bar across the street?
  • Other

39 – Inheritance

“Were you expecting company?” you ask Ika.

She sighs and says “Yes, she wasn’t supposed to arrive…”

“They are here now.” Chiyoko interrupts.   “And they are armed.”

“Armed?” Ika’s eyes widen.   She picks up her bag and finds a seat at the bar.  You get up from the table.

“Where are you going?”  Chiyoko asks.

“I’ll be right here.  You’ll just won’t see me.”  You head towards the bathrooms and step outside of fate.   As soon as you do, the threat of violence fades.  When you reenter the bar’s main room, one of the mercenaries is seated at the bar next to Ika.  The other two are flanking her.

“You are here early… and you brought friends.     I don’t have the goods yet, because you scared my contact off.” Ika complains.

“You should stop hiring cowards.” The leader wrinkles her noise.   “I always forget how bad Creation smells.”  You move to get a better look at the mercenary.   The woman’s eyes glow with a dull light.  You realize that some god is possessing her.   You wonder what god the mercenary worships.

“I’ll hire who I want.  You need to stop breathing down my neck all the time.  I always get the job done, don’t I?”

“I just am managing my investments.   I’ve spent a lot of resources protecting you, Ika.  ”

Ika looks away.  “Will I ever get done paying you back for that?  Look.  I am still going to get you the dust.   As I said, I was meeting with my contact and your friends here scared him off.   So, have your puppets run along and let I’ll finish my job.  We will both be happier that way.”

The possessed mercenary smiles.   “You think I am here with my worshipers just for dust?   I heard a rumor.   Apparently you were seen in a café with a young man.   He doesn’t happen to be your contact you were meeting?”

Ika pauses mid-drink.  “A kid?  No.  Why would I use a kid to transport dust?  That’s stupid.”   Of course now she realizes this.

“Hmmm…   A shame.    Apparently this particular child is difficult to find.   Certain individuals would pay a lot to have him.  If you could help me find him I’d be willing to forgive your debt to me.”

Ika sets her drink down and turns towards the possessed mercenary.   “Would you really think I’d stoop so low to sell a child?”

The possessed mercenary grabs Ika and throws her back on the bar.   You hand immediately goes to the hilt of your sword, memories of the sleeping girl flooding your mind.   You take a deep breath and push the memories away.   If these mercenaries are looking for you, then revealing yourself will make the situation worse.

You look towards Chiyoko and that she has her hood back up.  She is watching the bartender who does nothing more than move the nearby glassware out of the way.   The rest of the patrons pretend not to notice the argument.

“Ika, Ika..   Don’t fuck with me.   If it wasn’t for me, Trailing Sorrows would have found you long ago.  Don’t think just because Trailing Sorrows is a statue now doesn’t mean her associates aren’t still looking for you.  What would you do if I wasn’t around?  Run to daddy?  He would never take a criminal like you back.”  The possessed mercenary leans in to whisper in Ika’s ear.  “I am all that standing between you and your mother’s enemies.  I’m the only one that saw something worth saving in your lousy ass.  “

Trailing Sorrows has associates!?   You remember the goddess that kidnapped Nanny.   You hoped that business with the scroll would be over with the goddess serving a thousand year sentence as a stone statue.

Ika closes her eyes. “You’re right.  You’re right.”  The feathered haired woman sounds cowed.

“What do you know about the boy?”

“I don’t know.  He just wanted to talk to me.   Say he’d buy me lunch, if I did.”

“What did you talk about?”

“My parents mostly.”  Ika shrugs.

“Will he contact you again?”

“Probably not.  He seemed disappointed that I don’t remember much about my mother.  ”

“If he see you again, will you contact me?”

“Of course,” Ika whispers.

“Good girl.”   The possessed mercenary lets her go.  “Finish with your contact and collect the dust.  We will be just over there if you need us.”  The glow fades from the mercenary’s eyes and she stumbles around disoriented.   The one of other mercenaries lead her to a table near the door.  The second mercenary heads out the front door.  You see Chiyoko silently mouth to Masaru to follow him.

“Shit. Shit. Shit.”  Ika curses.

What do you do?

  • Give Ika the dust. The sooner the mercenaries have what they want the sooner they leave.
  • Forget the dust. You, Chiyoko, and Ika need to get out of there.  No sense taking chances.
  • You aren’t so sure about Ika anymore. Try to leave without the feathered haired woman.
  • Other