29 – Promises

You consider Aiko’s question. What did you want?

“I need you to do two favors for me.”

Aiko hesitates and then nods.

“One. I need you check the school for more wards. ” You couldn’t be caught running around looking for wards. The headmaster would that you are on to her.

“The wards?” Aiko considers your request. “I guess it would be good to know where all the wards are. You want me to inventory those strange Maiden wards too?”

“I want you to inventory all the wards. Ghost, demon, Dragon blooded, mortal. If it is warned, I want to know about it.”

Aiko agrees. “Okay. What else?”

“You need to promise not to abandon me again.” You remember your conversation with Masaru from this morning. “We are in the same circle and we need to trust each other.”

“Fine. I won’t ditch you anymore. I was only testing to see what you would do last night.”

“Say you promise. “ You hold out your hand. Aiko eyes it warily.


“You never answered my question about what you are.” Aiko explains.

It dawns on you. “You …think I’m Anathema?” You are shocked by this. You haven’t done anything Evil. Have you?

“I think it would be stupid to rule out any options.”

“I’m the furthest from an Anathema you can be.” You assure the girl. Sidereals are the ones that kill Anathema after all.

“And that is?” Aiko looks at you expectantly.

“A dragonblood.” You say without missing a bit. You hold out your hand for Aiko.

Aiko rolls her eyes. “I suppose if you were Anathema, I’d be dead by now.” She takes your hand and shakes it. “I promise not to abandon you when we are in trouble.”

Aiko relaxes after nothing happens when you shake. You pull the book out of your bag and hand it to Aiko. She quickly takes the book and hugs it to her chest.

“I still don’t believe you are dragon blooded. “ She glances down at the book in her arms. “But you did help me get the book, so I won’t tell anyone. “

“You better not tell anyone. You’d look really stupid when you are wrong.” You say as you walk with Aiko out of the library. “Hey, I have one more question.”

Aiko tightens her grip on the book. “You already gave me the book. You can’t take it back.”

You shrug. The Sorcery book is no longer important to you. “Does Chiyoko actually like Masaru?

Aiko stops in the middle of the sunlit courtyard. “Masaru? No. They are friends, but she doesn’t like Masaru. He spends more than reading manga than with her. ” She lifts an eyebrow. “Is there any reason why you are asking?”

“No reason,” you quickly add. “Forget I asked.”

Aiko’s face breaks out into a grin. “Oh! You like my cousin!”

“No!” You deny.

Your face turns red as Aiko starts singing. “Svante and Chiyoko sitting in a….”

“I’m going to burn that book.” You reach out to snatch it away from Aiko.

The red headed girl pulls the book away from you. “If you burn the book, I’ll never tell you who Chiyoko really likes.”

You stop mid snatch. “Who… who does Chiyoko really like?” You can feel your heart thumping in your chest. There is someone else that Chiyoko likes?

Aiko continues walking towards the dorms. “I thought you were good at figuring out secrets.”

“I thought you were going to stop being a bitch.”

“The headmaster has hidden Sidereal Alarm wards though out the school.” You announce to Wanahton as you enter the kitchen later that night.

“Where?” Wanahton asks.

You start listing off the locations. “Her office. The Teacher’s Lounge. The restricted area of the library….”

“Hmmm…. Those sound like places that you shouldn’t be anyways.”

“But I know she’s hiding something!”

“Svante, answer me this. Are there wards for Dragon bloods alongside these Sidereal wards?”

“Yes, but…”

“You might be a Sidereal but you are still a student at her school. There are places that are restricted to students.”

“But how can I help you with the mission, if I can’t move around without setting off an alarm?”

“Keep your ears open for any sort of Yozi or Fair Folk activity. I’m keeping an eye on the staff. You are supposed to watch the students.”

“Have you found anything?” You are conflicted on what you want Wanahton’s answer to be. You are worried that you will blow your cover. Yet now that you are out of basic training, the school doesn’t seem to be so bad.

“Not yet. “ Wanahton scratches his head. “Sasha came by.”

“What? And she didn’t stop by and see me?” You are shocked by this.

“She told me she wasn’t allow.“ Wanahton sighs. “Sasha said that a Sidereal’s first mission is usually an endurance mission. A long mission that is short on details. It’s supposed to teach patience. Keep your eyes open for any possibility. ”

“So, how much longer do we have?”

“Sasha says that her first mission lasted for almost a year.”

“Almost a year?!” You are shocked. “I can’t pass for Dragon blooded for a year! One of my circle mates already noticed I haven’t flared my Anima. My roommate found my hidey hole of artifacts.” You slide down one of the cabinets. “I must be the worst Sidereal ever.”

“Don’t worry, kid.” Wanahton sit down next to you. “I don’t think we are on the same mission.”


“That is why Sasha came by.” Wanahton pulls out his pipe. “It’s politics. Elder Kejak wants you here. Elder Akachi isn’t happy about the situation and yet he hasn’t come for you. Sasha hasn’t had time to figure out what is going on with her own mission. So she came by to see if I knew anything.“

You bang your head against the cabinet. “They set me up to fail.”

“I don’t think so. As I said, I don’t think we are on the same mission. “ The tall bronze man taps his pipe in his hand. “This is probably the safest place if are covers are blown. The dragon blooded students aren’t powerful enough yet to overcome the effects of arcane fate. And if your circle mate figures it out, what are they going to do? Go to the headmaster? The headmaster already knows about you. “

“So, if I am not here to help you, then why am I here?”

Wanahton looks up. “Maidens only know. Though, I do need someone to keep an eye on the students. You haven’t noticed any fair folk hiding among the students, have you? Any of them dabbling into any sorcery?”

What do you say?

  • Tell Wanahton all about you and Aiko breaking into the restricted area and stealing the Sorcery book.
  • Tell Wanahton that Aiko has the White Treatise. Don’t mention your part in getting the copy or that you have a copy yourself.
  • Say nothing at all about Aiko and the White Treatise.
  • Other

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