27 – Hidden

Where did she go!?  You walk down to the end of the aisle but the Dragon blooded girl is not in sight.

There is no point in separating.  If one of you get caught, the whole circle gets in trouble.   Of course, if you get caught, then the punishment might be different.   Headmaster Raijin draws closer to your location and you decide that getting caught is not an option.  You focus on the strands of Fate and step outside them.  The Headmaster passes you by, unaware of your presence.     You take the Dragonfly’s Eye out of your pocket start to look for Aiko.

You find Aiko on a stool, hiding both copies of the White Treatise on the top shelf behind some books.   You approach her as Aiko quietly steps off the stool.  She then heads towards one of the study rooms.   Checking to make sure no one is in sight, you pull the hidden books out their hiding place.   You place yourself outside of Fate again.

You hear a noise coming from the Study Room.   Aiko must be leaving though the window.    Chuzei Enki walks down the hallway towards the study room.   You briefly consider letting Aiko get caught, but decide that you have never been a snitch.   You concentrate and the strands of Fate become visible again.    You gently brush your finger along the Chuzei’s thread as he walks by.  Stealing the Dragonblood’s awareness of his surroundings, the dark library sharpens in focus.  You can even hear the soft squeal of the gate as the Headmaster investigates the Restricted Room.  You follow the Chuzei into the Study Room.   He looks out the window.   Even with your stolen awareness, you cannot see Aiko outside.

Chuzei Enki walks out of the study room and back towards the Restricted Section.   You consider following him, but decide to that leaving the library is your best option.   You open the window and hop down to the ground.   You close it and climb your way out of the bushes.   You hide in the shadows and watch the two adults though your Dragonfly’s eye.

“Is there anything missing?” Chuzei Enki asks.   The Earth Aspect leans against the frame of the gate, facing the window.

You cannot see the headmaster to see her answer.  The headmaster rubs the wards with the Maiden’s symbols.   She must be talking about the wards.

“I did not think you a fool.  Only that it was unnecessary.”  The Chuzei crosses his arms as he listens to the headmaster.    “They are part of his circle.  He won’t let anything happen to them.”

Another pause.   “If that is our fate, so be it.   It is not our place to question it.  “   The Chuzei stands as still as a statue as Headmaster Raijin speaks.

“No.  We fought the Anathema to save Creation. “  Chuzei Enki heads towards the door of the library.   The headmaster locks up the Restricted Section and also leaves the library.

Once you reach your room, you find Masaru is still asleep.   You pry up the loose stone that you found in the wall of your dorm.  Inside the hidey hold, your pattern spider crawls around, stretching its legs.   You gently pick it up and place it on your bed.   You place both copies of the White Treatise in the hole.

You pull your shirt over your head and unbuckle your Essence Armor bracers.   You take the Dragonfly’s eye out of your pocket and change into your sleeping pants.   It takes a few moments to arrange everything so the stone will fit back into the wall.   The two books take up a lot of space.

You take the pattern spider in your hand and consider what question to ask it first.   Masaru rolls over on his bed, now facing in your direction.   You sigh and decide to question the spider in the morning.  You encourage the spider to crawl back into your hidey hole and replace the stone.

You try to calm your mind for sleep, but it is too restless.   The headmaster setting up wards specifically for you.   Aiko leaving you in the library.   Chiyoko keeping secrets.   Eventually, you drift off to sleep.

The next day, while Masaru is in the showers, you take your Pattern Spider and Dragonfly’s Eye out of your hidey hole.   You grab both of your copies of the White Treatise.

What do you want to do with the extra copy of the White Treatise?

  • Leave a copy of the White Treatise in Aiko’s Dorm.   You wouldn’t have your copy if it wasn’t for her.
  • Confront her about leaving you alone in the library.  Use the White Treatise as a bargaining chip for more information (About Chiyoko, About why Aiko wants the book in the first place)
  • Keep the books for yourself.  Pretend you didn’t grab it from the hiding place.
  • Other

(((OOC:  I am probably stretching “Find Aiko” a bit.  But I think this way gives you more interesting options.   I’m curious what you guys will choose.  ))