25 – Tears

You watch the two Dragon Bloods gather up the goat.  You want to beat the crap out of them, but you hold yourself back.  Instead you say in your best Akachi tone, “It’s really inappropriate to joke about Anathema.”

Tallest boy snickers, as the heave the goat on his back.  “Inappropriate jokes are the best jokes!”

“You wouldn’t think so if you have actually been on a Wyld Hunt or knew someone who died on a Wyld Hunt.”  You stare the taller of the two boys in the eye.

He breaks away from your gaze, ashamed.   “Come on.  Let’s go.”  The two boys retreat inside the building with their goat.

After they leave, you head back to your dorm.   You barely notice your Dragon blooded circle following you.  You slam the door and throw yourself on your bed.  You sit with your legs folded against your chest.

You have never been so angry in your life.   And over something so stupid.  Why the fuck should you care about a stupid prank?   Why the fuck should you care anything about these Dragon Bloods?

Chiyoko sits down on the bed beside you.   Masaru and Aiko sit on the other bed.  You stare at the wall, trying to ignore the Dragon Bloods settling around you.

“My aunt died on a Wyld Hunt a few years ago.” Chiyoko breaks the silence.   “It was one of the few Sun Anathema Hunts.   The Anathema managed to hide himself for a few months.   We lost half a Scale bringing him down.   “

You say nothing.  You don’t want Chiyoko’s comfort.  She can’t understand what you are going though.  Rikali’s memories of Wyld Hunts were very vivid.   They were most likely influencing your own emotions.  Dragon bloods do not have past incarnations.    You wish Sasha was here.  She would understand.  You even wish Akachi was here, even though you are unsure whether you’d hug him or hit him.

You wish you weren’t at this stupid school.

“I wish you tried to stop those assholes from taking the goat,” Masaru says.  “We totally had your back.”

“Really?” You look up at Masaru, surprised.

“Of course. “   Aiko interjects.  The red haired girl considers the situation. “With a well-coordinated attack, we probably could have taken then too.  There were older but we outnumbered them.  Chiyoko was armed with her practice sword.   You and Masaru are both competent Martial Artists. ”   She shrugs.  “We could have taken them.”

You have to stop yourself from jumping away, when Chiyoko scoots closer to you on the bed.  She reaches towards your face with the corner of her robe.   You can feel the warmth from her fingers on your cheek, as she gently wipes away the tears you hadn’t noticed had fallen.  You feel yourself calm down though your heart is still racing.   You meet Chiyoko’s eyes and then look away, embarrassed that you were crying.

“There is no shame in crying.” she whispers, her warm hand on your cheek.  “I’ve done it often enough since I got here.”

“No shame if you are a girl.”   Chiyoko’s flame orange eyes narrow at your thoughtless comment and she smacks you on the side of the head.

“Ow!”  Your head rings from her attack.  “Why did you do that?”

“Don’t be an asshole, Svante.  I’m trying to help you.”

You hear some shouting from down the hall.  One of the Chuzei is checking rooms.

“We need to go back to our room. “   You actually do jump when you hear Aiko’s voice.   You had forgotten she and Masaru were still in the room.

“You going to be okay?” Chiyoko asks, her anger gone as quickly as it appeared.

Surprisingly, you do feel better.   “Yes.  I’ll be fine.   Get out of here.  We don’t want to peel potatoes again, right?”  Chiyoko smiles at you and leaves with Aiko.

Both you and Masaru settle down to sleep.  “Where did you go anyways?” Masaru asks as he beats his pillow into shape.

“Umm…  I was in the kitchens. I wanted to get more of those cookies.”

Masaru throws his pillow at you and says “And you didn’t bring me back any cookies?!”

“Yeah…Sorry….”   You toss his pillow back on his bed.

“That was a dick move, man.”

The next day is the first day of academic classes.   You are thankful to be out of basic, but are shocked at the size of your classes.   You are sitting in a large auditorium with about 200 rainbow haired Dragon Blooded students.    You have never been in a class so large.   Student monitors walk up and down the rows to handle any disruption.

Your first class of the day is Military History.  If you thought the Owl was a dull teacher, this Dragon Blooded lecturer was even worse.   Half the class has dozed off within the first fifteen minutes of class.  You notice that Masaru was furtively reading an old Bone Hand and wished you had brought a manga too.

Chiyoko passes you a note.  “How can someone make a battle sound so boring?” the note reads.

“I have never any history teacher make battles exciting.  Perhaps you have to be there to tell the story well afterwards.”  You write.

“What did you want to do on rest day?” Chiyoko looks hopeful.

You pen pauses just above the paper, unsure what to write.  Your plans were to discard the Quiver and help Wanahton with the investigation.   Masaru looks over your shoulder and motions to hand the paper over.   You pass the note over and he writes on it and passes the note back.

“We should go to the beach.” Masaru wrote.  You begin to pass the note over but it is taken out of your hand by a monitor.  The monitor reads the note and walks away, shredding the note.

Masaru writes the word “BEACH” in his notebook and holds it up for the rest of the circle to see.  Chiyoko sighs, disappointed, but nods her head.  Aiko shrugs and goes back to paying attention to the class.  You slouch in your seat and try to figure out a way to balance your life as a Dragon blood and as a Sidereal.

Later that night, you listen to Masaru’s soft snores.  Once you are sure he would not wake, you quietly get out of bed and gather your shoes.   You open the door a crack to peek out and find Aiko waiting for you.

“Oh!  Hello!”  You closed the door behind you and make for the bathroom.  “What are you doing out here?”

“Waiting for you.”   Aiko trails you to the bathroom.   You use the bathroom and when you walk out, Aiko is still waiting for you.

“Well, good night. “  You start to head back to your room.  You’ll leave for the kitchens after she goes back to bed.

“You do realize that I am not going to leave you alone.  Not until you help me.”

You scratch the back of your head.  “What do you want?”

“I need you to help me break into the restricted area of the library.”

“I don’t think I can help you with that.  I’ve never been to the restricted area of the library.” You honestly say.

“So what do you do when you wander around after dark?”

“You seriously want to know?  I break into the kitchen and steal food.   Nothing more than that.”  Though breaking into the restricted part of the library was a good idea.  You’ll need to remember to do that later.   When Aiko isn’t around.

Aiko grows impatient.  “I know your secret.”

Your heart pounds.  “What secret?” you ask, hoping that came out casual.

“Do you really want me to say out here in the hallway?   Help me break into the library and I won’t tell anyone.”

What do you do?

  • Help Aiko break into the Restricted Area of the library. Figure out what exactly she knows.
  • There is no way Aiko knows your secret. Call her bluff.
  • Other

((OOC:  As soon as I kicked that meekrat out of the spotlight, writing went much better.   I learned that I just need to endure through the writer’s block and figure out why the block is happening.  ))

((Thanks for the support, guys!   ))