24 – Prank

You watch the figure flee into the student dormitory. You wait a few minutes until the feeling of danger fades, and then walk out into the dark courtyard towards the dark figure’s burden. You lift up the tarp to see what the figure was carrying. The bloody tarp peels away with a sickening sound.

A goat is wrapped in the tarp. You fumble around in the darkness, searching for the goat’s heartbeat. When your hand reaches its chest, you feel a gaping hole. You place your hand in the cavity and discover the heart is gone.

Your heart pounds, as you pull back your bloody hand. An Anathema in the school! A Lunar! You know that Immaculate story of the Anathema is just a myth, but Lunars are dangerous. You need to go tell Wanahton!

“Hello?” You almost jump out of your skin when you hear Chiyoko’s voice. You immediately cover the corpse and resettle the Quiver around you. You turn and see the rest of your Dragonblooded Circle watching you. You were so distracted by the corpse you didn’t hear them come up.

“Chiyoko?” You ask. “What are you doing here?”

“Svante? Is that you? I didn’t recognize you in the dark. What are you doing out of bed? If you are caught, we will all get in trouble!” Chiyoko crosses her arms, waiting for your explanation.

“Um…. I got lost looking for the bathroom?” Next time you are wandering around the school at night, you need to come up with a better story.

“Really?” Aiko rolls her eyes. “You are such very bad liar, Svante.”

“What are you doing out of bed?” you retort.

“If we are going to get in trouble for you sneaking around at night anyways, then we might as well sneak around ourselves.” Aiko explains as if you are an idiot.

You don’t like the direction this conversation is going. “Look at what I found!” You uncover the goat corpse. “It’s a heartless goat and you know what that means…”

Chiyoko looks the corpse over, slightly nauseated. “That someone has a poor taste in jokes?”

“What? NO! There is an Anathema in the school!”

Aiko bursts out laughing. Masaru shushes her while trying to not to laugh himself. “Svante,” Chiyoko sighs. “There is no Anathema here. Putting a heartless corpse in someone’s bed is an old prank. My father warned me about it before I got here. “

“But,” Now you are getting irritated. “Anathema are dangerous! They aren’t a joking manner!” Rikali was a veteran of many Wyld Hunts. You were even told that she was killed by a Lunar, during what was supposed to be a routine mission.

“Oh, look, Arizus, there are just some baby dragons in the courtyard. Is that what has you spooked?” You hear a mocking voice say. Two sixteen year old students enter the courtyard from the student dormitory.

“No, dickhead. I swear by the Five Dragons, there was something in the courtyard watching me.” Arizus looks nervously around the courtyard. “Whatever, let’s grab the goat and go. We need to put it in Zebba’s bed before she get back from her boyfriend’s room. “

“You shouldn’t joke about Anathema.” You stand in front of the corpse.

“And you shouldn’t kill a goat to do it.” Chiyoko adds, her hand resting on her wooden practice sword. Out of the corner of your eye, you seen the rest of your circle stand behind you, supporting you.

“Are you children really going to lecture me? Go back to bed before your Chezui comes.” The mocking boy says. “That’s an order.” He adds as an afterthought.

What do you do?

  • Stand down and let the other Dragonbloods take the dog corpse
  • Teach these older Dragonbloods a Lesson.  It’s two to four.  You can take them!
  • Go back to the teacher talking to Wanahton in the kitchen and let them know about the prank these Dragonbloods are pulling.
  • Other.