17 – Wrench

Why are adults always so useless?  You sigh as you reach back into the maintenance room and pick up a long wrench sitting by the door.   You quietly close the maintenance room door and start trailing Wanahton and the guard.  You keep out of sight by staying a hallway behind the two.

Fortunately, Wanahton is not difficult to follow.  He keeps up a running dialogue of complaints as the guard leads him through the maze of hallways.    You peer around the corner to see which hallway the guard was taking.  After the two disappear from sight, you dash up the hallway to the next corner.

The guard opens the door to the tower stairwell.   Wanahton begins to tell a story about a fish that grants three wishes.   You realize that the guard cannot understand Earthtongue.  You file that away for future reference.   You wait for a moment and then follow them into the stairwell.  The guard exits on the third floor.

As you quietly close the staircase door, you notice that Wanahton has attracted the attention of the other tower inhabitants.   A clerical type god opens his door after the guard and Wanahton passes.     He looks down the hallway to see what is going on.   As you pass him by, the clerk gives you a strange look.   You can hear him mumble about strange and noisy neighbors as he reenters his apartment and closes the door behind him.

“And that is why you should always throw wyld wishing fish back into the sea!”

“Get the fuck inside,” the guard barks.

“Bah.  No one likes my stories.  You’ll regret not listening to me when your kids have fins instead of hands.”

You turn the corner just in time to see the door of apartment 3699 slam.   You are a genius!   It would have taken the three of you FOREVER to find out which apartment Nanny was in.      But now you know!   Time to get back to the others and free Nanny.   And of course prove that you aren’t just a useless kid after all.

You mind wanders a bit as walk down the hallway.   Sasha will tousle your red hair and tell you how smart and brave you are.  The owl will take back all those mean things he said to you earlier.   When Akachi gets back from Creation….

A cold hand firmly grips your shoulder.   You see oily locks of hair fall forward out of the corner of your eye.  A soft voice breathes into your ear, “Ah…  Hello, little one.  We have been expecting you.”

Your heart skips a beat.  You try to wretch yourself free of the hand, but it holds you tight.    You are shoved back against the wall to face a tall slouching woman.   Tears from her muck brown eyes leave trails down her ashy grey cheeks.   The front of her gown is torn and the hem splattered with blood and mud from the field of battle.

A widow in mourning.

“Trailing Sorrows.” You whisper.  You mind races as it tries way out of this situation, but you can only hold one thought in your head.   You fucked up.

Trailing Sorrows grimly grins.  “Good. You remember.  Now come along, little one.  Time to see what else you can remember.   ”

She tries to drag you away, but you adjust your stance and brace yourself against Trailing Sorrow’s pull.   “I’m not going anywhere with you.”

The glee in her eyes betrays her melancholy voice.   “Oh, my child.  Do you actually think I am going to give you a choice?”

What do you do?

  • Try to run…..too late for that….
  • Claim your inheritance as a Sidereal.  Raise your wretch and reveal to Trailing Sorrows why Violet Bier of Sorrow is the most secret and powerful of Creation’s melee styles.
  • You still your fears.   Memories of Rakali’s Signature Style, Immaculate Water Dragon, flood your mind.
  • Your mind is alit with rage at thought of this goddess getting her way.   You might have been chosen by Jupiter, but the Immaculate Fire Dragon Style of your Dragon Blooded ancestors is almost second nature to you.
  • Other Celestial Martial Arts Style.   Give reason why it would be in character for Svante to have access to it.

OOC:   I tried to find a happy medium between punishing Svante for his impulsiveness and rewarding you for being proactive.  Also, this scene is better than having his future Sifu outright asking what MA style he wants to learn or just saying “You are going to learn and you are going to like it!”

Probably should have mentioned Svante’s Dragonblooded breeding earlier in the story.   (I did hint at it in that blurb about Nanny.)   Oh well, you will get more details on that next chapter.