13 – Prior Warning

You shove the note in your pocket and head towards the door. With the experience of a hundred of past bedtime adventures, you quietly lock the door. You then head to your favorite hiding place in the living room – a large air intake. Upon opening the grate, you realize that you are now too tall to fit into it. Replacing the grate, you look up when you hear someone knock on the door. You quickly dash towards the kitchen window and carefully walk outside to hide on a small ledge lining the apartment building.

As you wait for whoever at the door to leave, you think back to when Akachi taught you the Prior Warning charm. The two of you were in a boat. His lakeside manse can be seen in the distance. You watch the sunlight reflect off of the water, as he paddled the two of you to the middle of the lake.

“Thinking deep thoughts?” he asked you.

You looked up from the water, “When I saved the caravan from the blood apes, I felt like I could do anything. Now… I feel like everything is hidden from me again.”
Akachi smiled, “When you took your second breath, you were experiencing a surge of Essence. Now that energy has dissipated. Eventually, as grow into your power, you will reach that same level again.”

“When I grow up?” you said in disgusted.

“It will take a bit longer than that for you to mature into your power. A hundred or so years.”

“A hundred years! That is a long time!”

“Not as long as you think. Don’t rush into adulthood, Svante.” Akachi adjusted his hat to block the sun from his eyes and settled down to take a nap.



“Before I exalted, I felt a sense of…foreboding…. Like I knew the caravan was in danger. Will I still have that?”

The boat rocked a bit as the Joybringer sits up. He studied you for a long moment and then replied, “There is a charm you can learn that will provide you the same ability. It will give Prior Warning when you are in danger.”

“Do I have to wait one hundred years to learn it?”

Akachi shook his head, “No, though you will not be too thrilled with me after I teach it to you.” He took off his hat and set it aside. Then he looked you in the eye and asked, “Do you still want to learn?”

You nodded, excited. He explained the charm to you. It seems simple enough. You didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. “Is that it?”

“That’s it.” The sun started to set. The Unconquered Sun must have lost the lead in the games. “I was hoping that we’d have a few more hours of daylight. We should head back.” Akachi started to row back towards shore.

“How do I know the charm working?” You doubt you’ll run into anything dangerous in Yu Shan. Perhaps you can use this as an excuse to visit Creation.

“You’ll know.”

You watched the sun finish setting and the Maidens rise in the sky. “One of the Maidens are in the lead!” You said happily. “I wonder which one.” You hope ….

Suddenly, you realized that you are in danger. Here in Yu Shan? “Akachi?” you asked uncertain.

“I know,” You turned to look at him. He looked…guilty. Just before you could figure out what was going on, Akachi capsized the boat. You tumbled into the water. One side of the boat knocked you painfully in the shoulder. The Sky is dark, so you couldn’t tell which way is back to the surface. You randomly picked a direction and start swimming. The feeling of terror increased as you swim. You realize that the charm was still warning you that you were in danger. You must have been swimming in the wrong direction. You switched directions and the feeling of terror receded.

You broke the surface of the lake and saw Mars shining brightly in the sky. Akachi was in the process of righting the boat. You swam over to him and splashed him in the face.

“Why the fuck did you do that?” Akachi didn’t like it when you cursed, but you were so mad, you didn’t really care what he thought.

In the dim light, you could not see the expression on his face, but could hear the regret in his voice. “I did tell you that you wouldn’t be happy with me.”

“You could have warned me that you were going to do something,” you shouted.

“I didn’t need to. You warned yourself,“ Akachi said, as he helped you back into the boat.

Back in the present, you focus and activate Prior Warning. There is no sense of danger here. There another knock on the door. “Gatherer of Windborne Children?” Sasha says, using Nanny’s formal name. When there is no answer, you hear a scraping at the top of the door. You can hear the two Sidereals talking, but can’t really make out what they are saying. After a moment, the door pops open.

“Oh, gods. Nanny!” You hear Sasha run though the apartment, searching for her.

Wanahton walks calmly towards the window you just climbed out of and sits on the window still, facing the inside of the apartment. The man pulls out a long tobacco pipe and lights it. You hug the side of the building, trying to make yourself less noticeable.

What do you do?

  • Wait for the two Sidereals in the apartment to leave and Try to find Nanny on your own.
  • Reveal yourself and explain what is going on. Maybe they can help you find Nanny.
  • Try to get down off of the building (You are rather high up) and head back to the Owl for help. After Akachi and Nanny, you know him best.
  • Other

OOC: Quick Question- Did you want me to suggest charms to use in the options? Or did you guys want to come up with them on your own? Or fill in appropriate charms as needed for the scene?