12 – Spilled Tea

You carefully study this strange girl who is telling you to skip school.   She has short dark hair and fair skin. Her eyes are vivid violet.    You have never seen her before.   Should you go with her?

Akachi would not like it if you left school.  But then Akachi has babied you since your exaltation.   Frankly, you are sick of being coddled.  Anyways, if you don’t like where this girl is taking you, you can always run off.

“What’s your name?”

The girl looks startled that you asked for her name and then sheepish.  “I guess you wouldn’t know my name.  I’m Sasha.”  She holds out her hand.  You grab it and Sasha helps you out of the window.   The two of you briskly walk away from the building.

Once you are far enough away, you ask. “Did you cast Astrology to make the class act bad?”

“Me?  Oh no.   That requires a gentler touch than I have.   If I did it, it would either have no effect or the whole class would be killing each other.  Elder Kejak did the Astrological working this morning, after Elder Akachi left for Creation.  We have been waiting weeks to meet you, but Elder Akachi has been keeping you all to himself.  “

You nod in understanding.  Today was the first day, Akachi let you go anywhere.  Unfortunately, that anywhere was school.  “How long have you been a Sidereal?”

“I took my second breath about three years ago.”

Akachi counts his age in centuries.  He probably doesn’t even remember his family.   “How…” you change what you are going to say.  “Do you miss your family?”

Sasha looks at you sadly.   “Everyday.”  She suddenly stops walking.  “Speaking of family, there is something I want to tell you.  Before we meet the others.  We…”

“Gods!  It took you long enough to get him out.  I thought you said you knew the teacher god well!”  someone says in Earthtongue.  A yellow-eyed man walks up.   The bronze skinned man towers over the two of you.

Sasha looks annoyed at the interruption.   “Wanahton…” she says in exasperation.

“What did I do this time?”  Confused, he runs a hand though his short salt and pepper hair.

“Go away.  I need to tell Svante something.”

“What?  We don’t have time!   Tell him later!”

“I’ll tell him now if I want to.  Go on ahead and tell Elder Kejak we will be there soon.”

“Or we can go at the same time.  Then there is no need to explain anything to Elder Kejak.”

As the two Sidereals argue, you realize that now would be a good time to sneak away to see Nanny.  If Elder Kejak was anything like Akachi, then your opportunities to sneak off would be limited.   You quickly walk off and lose yourself in the crowd.   You can still hear the two Sidereals argue as you turn the corner.

One of the your old neighbors loos at you in confusion as you walk up the familiar staircase to your… Nanny’s apartment.  Even though Akachi told you that there was no way Nanny would remember you, you still had a small hope that she would.    She was Nanny and she loves you.  Why wouldn’t she remember you?

You hesitate before you knock on the door, wiping your sweaty hands on your pant leg.  What if she didn’t recognize you?  Why would some random boy be knocking at her door? You can introduce yourself as Kamon, you decide.   Say that you are lost.    Troublesome children are part of Nanny’s domain as a goddess.   Perhaps she will make those cookies you like so much.

The door swings open slightly when you knock on it.  “Hello?” you call out.   Surprised the door was unlatched, you push the door open more to look inside.   The small table in front hallway has been over turned.  The bowl that was on the table lays shattered on the floor.

You rush inside and see that Nanny’s once tidy apartment is now a mess.   The dining room table has been over turned.   You can smell the tea that has been split all over the kitchen floor.   You check each room frantically calling for Nanny.  No one is in the apartment.

You look around for clues.   The tea on the floor has mostly dried.   So Nanny has been gone for a few hours.    You look up and notice a note stabbed to the wall by a knife.  You didn’t notice it at first because it was adult height.   You stand up on a chair and pull the knife out of the wall.  Unfolding the note, it has a short message on it.

“Bring us the boy and the goddess will be returned unharmed.”

You hear footsteps coming up the stairs.

What do you do?

  • Poke your head out the door to see who is coming up stairs
  • Leave the apartment though the fire escape
  • Close and lock the door and listen to see who is coming up the stairs.
  • Other

OOC:  Enough of the slice of life stuff.  Let’s get this plot going!   I’m still trying to figure out what makes an interesting choice.    Hopefully, you guys will bear with me.  🙂

((Svante did use to live here. He knows ALL the good hiding places. Now if he could still fit in them is a different question. He is a growing boy.))

((I’m reconning that the language that is spoken on the Blessed Isle is called Earthtongue (which is one of the two languages that Svante knows). This is the Shogunate, so High Realm and Low Realm don’t really exist as terms yet. Though the term “Old Realm” was used in the First Age, according to Dreams of the First Age. ))