11 – The Inky Haired Girl

You duck down as the nasty glob sails over you and hits the girl in front of you. The girl plucks the spitball out of her inky black hair with a look of distaste. Then she turns around and looks at you. Before you exaltation this girl would barely register your existence. Now she is looking directly at you. Who threw it, she mouths. You shrug and point your thumb behind you. She sits up taller in her desk to look behind you. Her inky black hair swishes as she sits back down in her desk.

You hear the sound of a page being torn out of her notebook. Looking over her shoulder, you try to see what she is doing. With precision movements, she intricately folds a note she has written. Then she passes you her handiwork. You begin to open it, but she puts her hand on yours to stop you. She nods behind you. You pass the note back to the student behind you, who then passes it along.

A few minutes later, one of the students yelps. You turn around and see that the note has unfolded itself into a crane and is now attacking your least favorite person, the bully. The bully’s straw is discarded as he tries to fend off the crane’s attacks. Bloody paper cuts appear on his arm. The girl has a sinister smile on her face as she watches her crane do its work.

The owl breaks through the crowd of students and catches the crane and crushes it with one hand. He takes the girl aside to talk to her. She is appropriately contrite to the owl. The owl standing behind her, she then goes to the bully and apologizes. On her way back to her seat, she winks at you. You are unsure how you feel about this girl. The trick with the crane was cool but she kind of creeps you out.

Just before lunch, an older girl with violet eyes walks into class. She meets your eyes and smiles at you. Annoyed with the girl, the Owl walks her out of the classroom. As soon as the door clicks shut, everyone gets out of their seats and puts their ear at the door. You try to make room for yourself, but you are once again shoved out of the way. Apparently, some things never change. You consider going for the air ducts, but the door opens and the Owl calls the name of your Resplendent Destiny. You walk outside of the classroom.

The girl with violet eyes is waiting for you. The owl positions himself behind you. “I’d like to talk to him alone,” the girl says. There is shouting coming from the classroom. The owl sighs and heads back in to see what trouble the other students are getting into.

She smirks. “It’s amazing what a little Astrology can accomplish. The class is going to drive him nuts all day. Come on. Let’s go.” She leads you to an empty class room and opens a window. “How about we blow this joint and go meet the Five Score Fellowship?”

What do you do?

  • Leave with the Girl with violet eyes and go meet some Sidereals
  • Leave with the Girl with violet eyes and sneak away to go see Nanny
  • Go back to class. Creepy girl looked kind of sad that you were leaving.
  • Other

OCC: I hope I’m not making the other students seem psychotic.

It’s a single floor building.

This is how I am house ruling arcane fate at exaltation. When a Sidereal first exalts, there is no rolling for Arcane Fate. Your destiny and history is wiped clean. Only those who are immune would have a chance to remember you.

Akachi has not let you visit Nanny yet. He says it would be too painful for you. You haven’t had a chance to sneak away because you’ve been hurt or too busy learning to be a Sidereal.

Girl with violet eyes is not creepy. She seems to be the cheerful type.

Akachi explained about Arcane Fate and told you that there is no way Nanny would remember you. However, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to see Nanny even if she doesn’t remember you or maybe want to see for your own eyes if it is true. It’s all up to you guys want he wants.

When you ask about how he can have people remember him, he explains about Resplendent Destinies and walks you though creating your own.

You recovered pretty quickly from your Physical Injures. It took you a month to recover from the shock of Exaltation, losing Nanny, etc. ((Svante might not be fully recovered yet. But he is at the point where he is ready to deal with things again. And he is an exalt, so I figured Svante is more resilient than most kids. ))

((Figuring out how long between the first and second chapter was difficult to be honest. I wanted the time gap to be long enough so Svante can deal with things, but not too long to where he would have already met the other Sidereals.))

((Also, I am going to slow down the pace of updates to give people more time to respond. We are past Svante’s Exaltation, which was the big event I wanted to get to quickly. So Hero (Quest) will be updating Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.))