08 – Blood Apes

The blood ape growls at you and takes a swipe at your head. Reflexively, you duck under the blood ape’s arm. You turn to run. As you scramble to get away the demon, you trip and fall hard to the ground. You scream in pain as the blood ape digs its claws into your shin and starts to drag you closer. You kick at the demon and scream for help. You glance up and see if anyone in the caravan can hear you.

Gina and Edita are circling another blood ape. When you scream, Gina looks away from the blood ape and calls your name. The blood ape takes advantage of her distraction and knocks her off of her feet. Edita screams Gina’s name and charges the blood ape, sword in hand.

The demon rolls you over. You can smell the blood ape’s rancid breath and feel its warmth on your cheek. Your heart is pounding. You realize that no one is going to save you. Not Gina. Not Nanny. Not Akachi. You are going to die. You close your eyes.

And the secrets of Creation reveal themselves to you.

Time slows down. The threads of fate vibrate around you. You can sense the one connected to the blood ape buzzing against your own. The thread stings your hand, as you reach out and wrench it away from your own thread. The violent separation of the two threads causes you to scream out in pain.

When you open your eyes again, the blood ape is gone. You hop up off of the ground and run back towards the caravan camp. You painfully jar your leg with each step.

There are two more blood apes in camp. Their threads of fate are entangled with the threads of the caravan. You grab both of the threads and yank the blood apes out of existence. The pain is unbearable. You fall to your knees.

You try to sense where the blood apes’ summoner is. She is already being dealt with the tall man, who is suddenly very familiar to you. Akachi. The battle is almost over.

You sigh with relief. After what you have been though, the Wyld seems like nothing. You hear footsteps approach, as the caravan surrounds you. You look up and see Edita and Gina stare down at you. A green light reflects off of their terrified faces.

Feeling confused, you raise your hand and realize it is glowing with a brilliant green aura. This doesn’t look like any Dragon blooded Anima you have seen before.

One of the guards says, “It’s injured. Kill it. Kill it quick before it summons more demons.”

Gina throws her knife at you.


What do you do now?

  • Try to talk your friends out of killing you. They must be scared by the fact you are glowing green.
  • Run away and hide. You don’t want to hurt anyone.
  • Attack. You just took out three demons, you can easily handle the entire caravan.
  • Other


OOC: The results are in! Svante is an Oracle. Chosen of Journeys was a close second. Gold star for semicausal for suggesting Unweaving Method. Boy is Svante going to be confused, when he uses that charm the next time and it isn’t quite as effective.