05 – Caravan

Waving goodbye to some very confused traders, you immediately take off towards the city. As you run though the cool, damp air, you splash though the muddy street puddles because there is no one to tell you not to.

The smell of bread from a bakery attracts your attention. It hasn’t been too long since lunch, but you already hungry. You rummage around in your book bag for your money pouch and realize with horror that it is empty! Plopping down on the street curb in front of the bakery, you realize that your weekly allowance evaporated when you crossed over into Creation. Still hungry, you pull out a slightly bruised apple from your book bag and eat that while you consider your options. You decide getting a far away as possible from a Yu-Shan gate is the best option. From previous trips, you know that all the caravans meet at the shrine of the local travel god at the edge of town.

You finish your apple and toss the core into a nearby bush. You head towards the shrine and wonder around for a bit, listening in on conversations. One caravan going west seems to be a good choice. You walk up to the caravan master, who is busy with inventorying the caravan supplies.

“Excuse me?” The caravan master looks up from her lists at the sound of your voice. You smile in what is hopefully a trustworthy manner and say “Are you looking for caravan guards?”

“We are always looking for help,” the caravan master replies carefully, after noticing your fine, but muddy, Yu-Shan clothing. “Is your father looking for work?”

You shake your head and point at yourself. “I’m looking for work.”

The caravan master bursts out laughing. “You? A caravan guard? Run back home, kid.” She looks down again at her books.

“I have training! Watch!” She looks up just in time to see you kick a bag off the top of a crate. The bag falls to the ground, scattering all the tools in it. “Oops! I’ll pick them up.” You quickly put the tools back into their bag and place the bag on the crate. The bag threatens to fall again, but you catch it and set it upright.

Sighing, the caravan master puts down her list and walks towards you. She takes you by the shoulders and says “A caravan is no place for a kid. No matter how bad it must seem at home, but it’s better than being here. Go home.”

“But… I can’t go home…” You are frustrated. It’s not like you can tell her the truth, even if she’d believe it.

“Oh, let him come with us, Edita! Look, he is about to cry,” Another woman comes up, carrying a harness over her shoulder.

“This kid is trouble. Look at how richly he is dressed, Gina. His parents are going to come looking for him.” She lets you go and heads back to her books.

“No they aren’t. My parents are dead.” You interject, as you try to stealthy wipe the unshed tears from your eyes. You were NOT about the cry. You are too old for crying.

“Being with us is better than being on the streets.” Gina remarks. The caravan master meets the other woman’s eyes. You suddenly noticed that they look very similar to each other. They are sisters.

“Shit,” Edita curses. “Fine. The boy is your responsibility, Gina.” Gina smiles and turns to you.

“What’s your name, kid?”


“That’s a cute name.” She tussles your hair. “So, Wakoto. How would you like to work off your fare?”

How would you like to work off your fare?

  • Help Gina with the horses. You know nothing about the animals and want to learn more
  • Load the caravan up. You like the idea of a hard day’s work
  • Help Edita with her inventory and try to get into her good graces.
  • Other

OOC:  Hmm…. You can’t think of anything that you haven’t been caught for lately. You’ve tried to be good after that Jade Pleasure Dome incident a couple weeks ago. And that wasn’t really your fault. Your bully classmate ((who has yet to name)) dared you into trying to sneak into the Jade Pleasure Dome. You can’t turn down a dare, right?