02 – Air Ducts

While your classmates are eavesdropping at the door, you know a better place to go to hear what is going on. You slip away to the small bathroom in the back of the classroom. Climbing up onto the sink you open the grate that leads to the building ventilation ducts. You hoist yourself up into the duct and awkwardly close the swinging grate behind you.

It’s a tight fit. You were always small for your age, but you have grown a few inches in the past months, finally hitting your growth spurt. As you crawl through the air ducts, you unhappily realize that soon you will be too big to eavesdrop from the air ducts.

You do not have to crawl for long before you hear the voices of your teacher and a stranger.

“…dragging him though the Wyld in the wake of a violent rebellion” says the stranger.

Teacher replies, “I still do not like this. The boy is too young…” You wonder which boy they are going to be dragging though the Wyld. You hope that it is that asshole bully that pushed you out of the way.

“Are you questioning the will of the Maidens?” the stranger asks. In the silence that follows the stranger’s words you can hear your teacher ruffle his feathers.

“I’ll get the boy for you.” You hear footsteps as the owl walks back towards the classroom. The stranger says nothing as he waits for the teacher to return. Suddenly you hear the door slam and footsteps running back.

“He’s gone! None of the other students know where he went!” the owl says. You have a sudden realization that you are the one that they are going to be dragging though the Wyld!


What do you do now?

  • Continue heading towards the abandoned building. It would make a good hiding place.
  • Go home to Nanny. Nanny won’t let anything happen to you.
  • Head for the nearest Gate to the Blessed Isle and get out of Yu Shan.
  • Stowaway on an airship headed towards the edges of Yu-Shan and take one of the Gates to the Threshold.
  • Other

Extra Credit! You are sick of everyone calling you “Boy”. You have a name, they should use it. What’s your name?

  • Akachi, a name common in the deserts of the Southern name meaning “Hand of God”
  • Wakato , a name common on both the Blessed Isle and the River Provinces meaning “Young”
  • Kamon , a name common in the Islands of the West meaning “heart and mind”
  • Svante , a name common in the Icy Tundras of the North, meaning “Sacred”
  • Quidel , a name common in the Jungles of the East, meaning “Burning Torch”
  • None of those are my name! My name is….

OOC: I tried to give you better choices this time. Also, if your option isn’t winning, still speak up! The second most chosen option might still come in play!

You are pretty well traveled compared to the rest of your classmates. While most of them don’t like to visit Creation because it’s “Dirty” you have visited the many important cities and sights throughout both the Blessed Isle and the Threshold. As you are living in Downtown Yu-Shan, you are most familiar with the Blessed Isle.

There are Celestial Lions at all of the Gates, but as a citizen of Yu-Shan, you can pretty much come and go as you please. Though you have never traveled though the gate without an adult.